Lessons You Can Learn From Mohd. Kaif's Wedding

Lessons You Can Learn From Mohd. Kaif's Wedding

Mohd. Kaif got married on March 27 in a hush hush ceremony in Noida. His new bride, Pooja, is a journalist who works in New Delhi. Originally from Sahibabad, Pooja and Kaif were close friends for years before tying the knot.

Read on if you want to know about what lessons you can learn from Kaif’s wedding ceremony & adapt to your own marriage.

Don’t spend  a bomb on your wedding

Mohd. Kaif is certainly not poor, by any means. Yet only close friends and family were in attendance during the Nikah. The media was invited to the reception held at The Grand Hyatt in New Delhi, but it was still a low key affair. Given the tendency that most people have to overspend on marriages to the extent of taking out personal loans, Mohd. Kaif has set a welcome example. Think how much easier life will be if you (or your parents) don’t have to worry about EMIs to be repaid.

Invite only those who really matter to your wedding

Only a select few were invited to Mohd. Kaif’s wedding ceremony (and absolutely no reporters). All new brides/grooms should take a leaf from his book & avoid inviting all and sundry to their wedding. After all, does it really matter if Usha Aunty, who you last saw when you were two years old, does not attend your wedding? A wedding is meant to be celebrated by those who will truly delight in the union of the bride and the groom.

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