Leander Paes-Rhea Pillai To Karisma Kapoor-Sanjay Kapur, Couples Who Fought For Children's Custody

Check out some of these ex-couples of B-Town who engaged in an ugly fight to win over the custody of their children post their divorce!


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Leander Paes-Rhea Pillai To Karisma Kapoor-Sanjay Kapur, Couples Who Fought For Children's Custody

Divorces are some of the most unfortunate endings of a marriage, which not only mark the end of a relationship but also break the promise of forever. However, it becomes even more difficult for those couples who have had a child in their lives. While some parents choose to part ways amicably, thereby choosing to co-parent their child, others end up in a battle where they drag their children to court for the battle of custody.

Let us look at these ex-Bollywood couples who had engaged in an ugly custodian battle at the court.

#1. Leander Paes-Rhea Pillai

leander paes

Indian Tennis player, Leander Paes had been in a live-in relationship with the model, Rhea Pillai, for eight years. The duo had even welcomed their daughter, Aiyana, born out of wedlock. Similar to their relationship, the news of their child was also kept under wraps until May 3, 2014, when Leander filed a petition to the court for the custody of his daughter. Leander accused Rhea of being an irresponsible mother and said that, as a father, he was worried about the well-being and safety of his daughter.

Moreover, he also requested a restraint order against Rhea to take their daughter, Aiyana, out of Mumbai. On the other hand, Rhea, who had refused to speak publicly, had politely issued a statement through her lawyer that she, too, would rightfully fight for her daughter’s custody till the last end.

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#2. Sarika-Kamal Haasan

sarika kamal

Tollywood superstar, Kamal Haasan married his ladylove and actress, Sarika, after staying in a live-in relationship and welcoming their eldest daughter, Shruti, out of wedlock. The couple was later blessed with their younger daughter, Akshara, in 1991.

Unfortuantely, things turned topsy-turvy in their relationship when Sarika learned about Kamal’s extra-marital affair with the actress, Gautami Tadimalla. This broke their marriage, and the couple divorced in 2004. Apart from that, Sarika also fought for the custody of her daughters and won the case.

#3. Reena Roy-Mohsin Khan

reena roy

Yesteryear actress, Reena Roy married eminent cricketer, Mohsin Khan after a failed relationship with Shatrughan Sinha. After her marriage with Mohsin, the duo settled in Pakistan and were soon blessed with their daughter, Jannat. But trouble soon crept into their marital paradise, and Reena and Mohsin separated, with the court granting their daughter, Jannat's custody to her father.

Reena who was highly disappointed by this move, fought a long legal battle against her husband and won the right to bring her daughter back to India. She later changed her name from Jannat to Sanam.

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#4. Raj Kundra-Kavita Kundra

raj kavita

Before marrying Bollywood diva, Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra was married to his childhood sweetheart, Kavita. The couple were even blessed with a daughter, whom they named Deleena. The couple parted ways a few years after the birth of their daughter, as Raj was at this particular time in a relationship with his current wife, Shilpa Shetty. Along with their divorce, the couple was also engaged in a legal battle for the custody of their daughter.

At first, the court allowed Raj to meet his daughter on weekends. But after, sensing Raj’s extreme level of an extra-marital affair, Kavita soon requested that the court revoke the rights and not allow her ex-husband to contact their daughter. Eventually, Kavita won the case.

#5. Sanjay Dutt-Richa Sharma


Sanjay Dutt married his first wife, Richa Sharma, in 1987. Richa and Sanjay were actors, and their marriage was a case of love at first sight. Together, they welcomed their only daughter, Trishala Dutt, a year later. Their marital bliss was short-lived as Richa died after a prolonged battle with a brain tumour in 1996. Thereafter, while Sanjay wanted to retain the custody of her daughter, Trishala, after her mother’s death, it was late Richa Sharma’s parents who had filed a petition to the court for their granddaughter’s custodian rights.

The stance was taken considering Sanjay’s involvement in the infamous TADA case of Mumbai in 1993. Finally, Trishala’s grandparents won the battle, and she was made to shift with them to the USA.

#6. Shweta Tiwari-Abhinav Kohli

shweta tiwari

Television actress, Shweta Tiwari’s personal life had been nothing less than a roller-coaster ride. After a failed marriage, Shweta had mistakenly thought that her good times would begin thereafter when she married her beau, Abhinav Kohli, for a second time. Sadly, it turned out to be the opposite when Shweta filed a domestic violence case against Abhinav in 2017.

As a result, the couple soon filed for divorce in 2019. Coming to her son, Reyansh, the actress was granted his sole custody after the police arrested her estranged husband in a domestic violence case. Nevertheless, Abhinav is allowed to meet Reyansh only for an hour on weekends.

#7. Karisma Kapoor-Sunjay Kapur


Veteran actor, Randhir Kapoor’s daughter, Karisma Kapoor, got married to her businessman beau, Sunjay Kapur, in 2004. The couple was blessed with two kids, Samaira and Kiaan and the family of four led a happy life for quite some time. But unfortunately, the duo parted ways in 2014 due to irreconcilable personal issues. Their divorce process was not smooth as the couple not only hailed allegations against one another, but Karisma also filed for a dowry harassment case.

Moreover, the couple initially also fought a legal battle to win the custody of their children. But after realising that the matters were going out of hand, the duo sought reason considering their children. Ultimately, Karisma won custody of her kids, while Sunjay was only granted visitation rights.

What do you think about these couples who fought bitterly for their child’s custody?

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