14 Gorgeous And Unique Latkan (Tassel) Designs To Beautify Your Bridal Lehenga And Grab Attention


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14 Gorgeous And Unique Latkan (Tassel) Designs To Beautify Your Bridal Lehenga And Grab Attention

A bridal lehenga needs beautiful tassels just the way we all need oxygen. It is the touch of the majestic tassels that distinguishes a bridal lehenga from an ordinary lehenga. Step out and you will find so many gorgeous kinds of latkans and trust us, you would want them all.

Here we have same amazing latkans, which will inspire your inner bride.

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#1. Ghunghroo tassels

Latkan Designs

Ghunghroos are beautiful and they can add charm to anything that they touch. These ghunghroo tassels, with their enchanting music, will let everyone know that the bride is on her way.

#2. Pompom tassels

Latkan Designs

Everything made with pompoms is adorable and the tassels are no different. If you want to keep it simple and beautiful, go for pompom tassels. These won't even increase the weight of your lehenga.

#3. Beaded tassels

Latkan Designs

Any bride who is going for a very traditional lehenga should match up to her attire with these beaded tassels. These tassels will give your bridal look a classic touch.

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#4. Mirror tassels

Latkan Designs

Mirror mirror on the wall, isn't this the sweetest bride of them all? Mirror tassels are so stunning, your lehenga will thank you for choosing them. They look great with any kind of lehenga.

#5. Hot and heavy

Latkan Designs

For the brides who believe in the Karan Johar style weddings, these tassels would be their best match. These tassels will make you the royal bride that you have always wanted to be!

#6. Umbrellas

Latkan Designs

Walk down the aisle with sweet little umbrellas attached to your lehenga. These umbrella tassels are cute, colourful and perfect for the bride who likes to keep her inner child alive!

#7. Kalira

Latkan Designs

Image Courtesy: Karan Sidhu Photography

We know how important kaliras are for a bride and this is why every bride finds it difficult to part with them. With these kalira tassels attached to your lehenga, you will be able to preserve your kaliras forever.

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#8. Colorful tassels

Latkan Designs

If you cannot choose one colour then, go for these colourful tassels. Show your vibrant self through these colourful tassels. Twist and twirl in the colours of happiness.

#9. Gotta patti tassels

Latkan Designs

Gotta patti has been this season's favourite and these tassels are inspired by them. One look at these contemporary tassels and you will find it difficult to take your eyes off them. These go with every colour.

#10. Animal motif tassels

Latkan Designs

For the animal lover bride, we have some adorable ideas. Peacocks and elephants are considered to be auspicious and lucky. These animal motif tassels will not only look unique, but will also bring positivity in your married life.

#11. Personalised tassels

Latkan Designs

We live in an age where you can get anything personalised then why not tassels? Wear your story on your D-day and let the whole world know about the things that are important to you on the most important day of your life.

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#12. Matching tassels

Latkan Designs

Go old school at let your bridal lehenga marry the tassels before you say "I do". Match the colour of the tassels with the colour of your attire so that those beautiful latkans can become a part of your ensemble.

#13. Flower tassels

Latkan Designs

Every bride loves flowers and these special tassels will make your bridal lehenga look drop-dead gorgeous. No matter which kind of flowers you choose, they all are going to look amazing.

#14. Pearl tassels

Latkan Designs

If you want your tassels to look elegant, the ones made of pearls will do the work for you. They look so classy against any colour. You can never go wrong with these beautiful pearl tassels.

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Tassels add that much-needed touch to the lehenga which gives it the glow! These colourful and beautiful tassels are all you need to complete your lehenga for the biggest day of your life. All of these tassels are wonderful and will make you look gorgeous.

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