Lalit Modi Slams Trolls Targeting His Relationship With Sushmita Sen, Says, 'Live, Let Live'

Lalit Modi finally reacting to people trolling him for his relationship with Sushmita Sen. Check out as he penned a long note!


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Lalit Modi Slams Trolls Targeting His Relationship With Sushmita Sen, Says, 'Live, Let Live'

A few days ago, IPL founder, Lalit Modi left the entire nation wondering after he had announced his relationship with Sushmita Sen. While some trolled the couple for their age difference, others called Sushmita golddiggers. After tons of hate comments, and people trolling the new couple in B-Town, Lalit Modi finally slammed all the people spreading hate toward him and Sushmita.

On July 14, 2022, Lalit posted a couple of mushy pictures and announced his new beginnings with the actress. After which, media reports started circulating that they had tied the knot. However, Lalit cleared in his long note that he has not yet married Sushmita, but one day they will. He had written:

"Just back in London after a whirling global tour #maldives # sardinia with the families - not to mention my #better looking partner @sushmitasen47 - a new beginning a new life finally. Over the moon. n love does not mean marriage YET. BUT ONE THAT BY GODS GRACE WILL HAPPEN. I JUST ANNOUNCED THAT WE ARE TOGETHER."

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On July 17, 2022, Lalit took to his Instagram handle and posted a couple of pictures. Alongside it, he penned a long note for people trolling him and his relationship with Sushmita. He shared that two people can connect and magic can happen. He wrote:

"Why is the media so obsessed abt trolling me apparently 4 wrongly tagging. Can someone explain - I only did 2 pics on insta- & Tag is correct.I GUESS We R still living in the Middle Ages that 2 people can’t be friends & then if chemistry is right & timing is good- Magic can happen. I guess because they R no liable suits in our country every Journo is trying there best to be #arnabgoswami - THE BIGGEST CLOWN. My advise live and Let others live. Write THE RIGHT NEWS."

Lalit Modi also talked about the false narrative that has been circulating regarding his departed wife, Minal Modi. People were making a false claim that his wife was his mother's friend. Lalit wrote:

"HE BIGGEST CLOWN. My advise live and Let others live. Write THE RIGHT NEWS - not like #donaldtrump style #Fakenews. And if u don’t know let me Enlighten u All- departed love of my life #minalmodi was MY BEST FRIEND for 12 years whilst she was married. She was not my mothers friend. That gossip was spread by vested interests. It’s about time to get out of this #crabmentality - hope u know what that means. Enjoy when someone prospers. Or does well or does 4 his country. I HOLD MY HEAD HIGHER THEN U ALL Ever can."

For those who don't know, Lalit Modi was earlier married to Minal Modi. After living happily ever after with their two children, Aliya Modi and Ruchir Modi, Minal Modi passed away in 2018. She had battled cancer, which had relapsed ten times.

Well, what do you think about Sushmita and Lalit's brewing romance!

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