Know Your Astrology Chart To Plan Your Hindu Wedding


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Know Your Astrology Chart To Plan Your Hindu Wedding

The tradition of reading astrology charts to find suitable and auspicious date and time to celebrate a festival or occasion is very ancient in India. In earlier times people used to consult astrologers for all the things they used to start, even if they were going on a journey, they will consult the astrologers to know about the auspicious date and time to start the journey. Weddings is a very sacred tradition of Hindu religion and unlike other religions it is not a contract but a relationship which has bound two people for not one or two lives but for seven lives to come. Astrologers, religious gurus or priests are the people who read astrology charts and inform people about auspicious dates for Hindu weddings. Let’s have a look at important aspects of a Hindu astrology chart for Hindu weddings.

Difference between Vedic Hindu astrology and Western zodiac signs

If you want to know about your astrology charts for your wedding preparations then start with understanding the difference between Hindu astrology charts and Western zodiac signs. These two are completely different subjects, and for marriage purposes the astrologer studies dashas and planets to find a suitable and auspicious day and time for marriage. Don’t start with reading Vedic astrology books, as they are mostly in Sanskrit and are very hard to understand. Start with astrology sessions with your family guru or astrologer. They know all about your family and of course your family will ask him about the auspicious day and time of your marriage, so sit with him and learn about your astrology chart.

Basic elements and aspects of Vedic Hindu astrology

According to Hindu Vedic astrology your fate is decided by three things in life; they are your date of birth, place of birth and most importantly your time of birth. You need to understand about Sun and Moon’s rotation cycle as well as about Rahu and Ketu, who are two nodes of moon. Apart from the above mentioned elements you will have to study about 27 nakshatras, five planets and of course 12 Vedic zodiac signs to understand and plan your Hindu wedding. Understanding all these concepts can take many days or sometimes months, so what’s better for you is that you should only study the dashas and planets affecting or influencing your and your partners Vedic zodiac signs.

Kundali matching is a very important aspect of a Hindu wedding, and they are matched keeping in mind the above mentioned aspects of astrology charts. The best matched Kundali is the one where all 36 guns of a couple match with each other. All the above mentioned astrology chart descriptions are related to finding auspicious date and time for Hindu wedding as for other purposes there are some other astrology chart aspects that you will have to study.

Now that you know all about reading wedding astrology charts, when are you going to surprise your partner with reading your wedding astrology chart with your astrologer?


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