Know Your Aries Man


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Know Your Aries Man

Aries: 21st March - 20th April

So, you are in love with an Aries man and would like to explore more about him? Well, I must say you have quite a macho on your cards! Ruled by planet mars, Aries men are highly courageous, bold, and confident. As their sign happens to be the first of the zodiac, their instincts tell them to hold the first position in every field. The element of Aries is fire, and without a doubt, they have it in their blood in abundance. Mr. Aries is fearless in nature and will never have a problem in telling you what’s on his mind. Which is why, not just his appreciation, his criticism would be genuine too.

Your Challenge

When dating an Aries man, remember not to tamper his ego. If you needle his self-respect, he can quickly get into anger. Moreover, it is very essential for you to keep the romance alive inside and outside the bedroom.

How to Deal with Him

If you would like to have an everlasting healthy relationship with your Aries man, make it certain to have enough variety in your association to keep him hooked. They are brimming with energy and love to do new things. Consider trying adventurous activities like car racing or paragliding and show him the challenging side of you. Also, being a masculine sign, Aries men long for an active sexual life. Be spontaneous and let him take the lead in bed!

Overall, it’s quite a challenge to date an Aries man, but if you can find a way into his heart, the rewards are many. You can have an energetic and a romantic relationship and expect your partner to knock down mountains in order to protect you. 


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