5-Month Pregger, Kishwer Merchantt Goes For An Ultrasound Test, Shares Picture Flaunting Baby Bump

Kishwer Merchantt is five months pregnant and visited her doctor for a regular checkup. She shared a picture flaunting her baby bump from the ultrasound test!


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5-Month Pregger, Kishwer Merchantt Goes For An Ultrasound Test, Shares Picture Flaunting Baby Bump

Kishwer Merchantt and her hubby, Suyyash Rai had answered to ‘Bacha kab karoge' for infinite times. After four years of married life, Kishwer and Suyyash had finally announced the news of the pregnancy on their IG handle in March 2021. Kishwer was already two months pregnant when the couple had gotten to know about the biggest good news of their lives. Kishwer is 40 and is expecting her first baby in August 2021. Like every expecting mommy, Kishwer too visited her doctor for a routine checkup and shared a picture from her ultrasound test.

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It was on March 2, 2021, when the duo had taken to their respective Instagram handles and had made their pregnancy announcement. In the picture, we could see Suyyash Rai on his knees by the beachside and holding his wife, Kishwer Merchantt's hand, and in the sand, it was written 'August 2021'. Kishwer had captioned the picture as "You can now stop asking "when are you guys gonna have a baby." Coming Soon #august2021 #sukishkababy". On the other hand, Suyyash had written, "Mai tere bacche ka baap banne wala hun. Coming this August."

Suyyash and Kishwer

Kishwer is in her fifth month and the actress visited her gynaecologist for a routine checkup. Taking to her IG stories, Kishwer shared a picture from her ultrasound test, flaunting her five-month baby bump. The actress kept her look casual and can be seen wearing double masks, keeping the COVID-19 situation in mind. For every expecting parent, ultrasound sessions are one of the most exciting phases as they get to see and hear their baby and we are sure Kishwer must be thrilled too.

Kishwer Merchantt Goes For Ultrasound

A few days back, taking to her IG handle, Kishwer had shared a video montage of her ‘pregnancy workout’ video, which she had released on her YouTube channel. Kishwer could be seen working out under the guidance of her coach, when her hubby, Suyyash had joined her. From yoga to mat Pilates, the couple had performed every exercise, keeping their baby in mind. Suyyash had also joked about wanting to have a baby with abs, to which, Kishwer had shunned him down. Sharing the video, Kishwer had written, “Episode 3: goes live in a minute on my YouTube channel .. Pregnancy workout with my partner @suyyashrai.” 

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Kishwer has been talking about her pregnancy experience and fears on her IG handle. Taking to her IG handle on April 2, 2021, Kishwer had shared a video, narrating her pregnancy experience so far. She had talked about everything she has faced or is facing during her pregnancy and every expecting mother can relate to it. From talking about developing thyroid to haemorrhoids, mood swings to itchy and painful breasts, people telling her what to eat to people asking her not to workout or dance, Kishwer had bared her heart out. While she had shared her first pregnancy experience and the problems that had accompanied it, she had also shared that once you are in this phase, you are ready to embrace it no matter what.

Kishwer had talked about getting pregnant naturally at the age of 40, in an interview with the Hindustan Times. She had shared, "Being a mother at 40 is cool and age is just a number. It was destined to happen this year, I guess. I asked all sorts of questions to the doctor but she's asked me not to worry. I have cousins who have delivered at 40 and 42, so I don’t see age as a problem and things are changing as many people don't have kids at 20 or 24 but a bit later. Moreover, due to our lifestyle, workout, healthy eating, it will be fine, and delivering at 40 is fine.”

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Kishwer Merchantt

We wish Kishwer a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Images courtesy: Kishwer Merchantt