Kishwer Merchantt And Suyyash Rai Make An Important Decision About Their Soon-To-Be-Born Baby's Life

Kishwer Merchantt's husband, Suyyash Rai, in an interview talked about the important decision the parents-to-be have made regarding their soon-to-be-born baby's life!


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Kishwer Merchantt And Suyyash Rai Make An Important Decision About Their Soon-To-Be-Born Baby's Life

Kishwer Merchantt and Suyyash Rai had got to know about their first pregnancy when she was already two months pregnant. While a night before they were not sure of having a baby, the two lines on the pregnancy self-test kit, changed everything for them. In March 2021, Suyyash and Kishwer had happily announced their first pregnancy, and now, in a few days, they will welcome their little bundle of joy.

In June 2021, Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchantt had hosted two grand baby shower ceremonies and we were all in awe of their happiness. On June 26, 2021, father-to-be, Suyyash had shared a video on his official YouTube channel, featuring some beautiful moments from Kishwer’s godh bharai. Along with the video, Suyyash had expressed his feelings with a beautiful poem, Koi Aane Wala Hai.

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Well, Kishwer and Suyyash are highly excited about their baby’s birth and so are their fans. In a conversation with, Suyyash was asked if they will introduce their newborn on social media and share his/her pictures, the daddy-to-be shared how the couple has decided to follow the old ritual of not showing their baby to outsiders for the first 40-50 days.

Kishwer and Suyyash

Sharing that it is a debatable topic and the decision is totally on Kishwer, Suyyash said, “I think it's a very debatable topic. People who are showing their child on social media, it's their call it's their children. Parents have all the right to decide. Coming to us, I think Kishwer is such a person who likes to be on social media. She has her own world around it. If being a mother she wants to put a photo of her child on social media, I wouldn't stop her because it's her wish and she has all the right.”

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Kishwer Merchantt

Suyyash further added their plans to take the traditional route and said, “But we have decided, First 40 and 50 days we will follow the old ritual of not showing the newborn baby face to outsiders. After 40 days if we feel like sharing with the world we will do it. It's purely on us. But for now, we haven't decided anything on this yet.”

Suyyash and Kishwer

On July 8, 2021, Kishwer had shown her willingness to have another child with Suyyash as she was pampered by her husband. On her IG stories, she had shared a Boomerang, where Suyyash was seen massaging her legs and this had made Kishwer so happy that she was ready to have another child. Sharing the video, Kishwer had written, "Getting pampered baby am ready for the next one too @suyyashrai", followed by an array of laughing emoticons.

Kishwer's story

Kishwer is in the last leg of her pregnancy and a few days back had recorded what happens when she tries to record her baby’s kicks. Sharing a Reel on her IG handle, she had written, “This is hilarious but also true #sukishkababy @suyyashrai right? Me trying to get a kicking video Vs What the baby does when my phone is kept aside.”

Kishwer Merchantt and Suyyash Rai are expecting their first child in August 2021.

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