Kavita Kaushik Lessons A Troller Who Tried Trolling Her For Making Husband, Ronnit Clean The Dishes

It is said that trollers can never stop trolling as they have a reply on anything and everything. But looks like Kavita Kaushik is not letting these trollers have their way.


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Kavita Kaushik Lessons A Troller Who Tried Trolling Her For Making Husband, Ronnit Clean The Dishes

The modern world has been raising their daughters like their sons, but there are only a few who, raise their sons like their daughters! The difference might not look huge but it is there when practised in the right way. In our life, we have come across many women, who are working professionals and acing their role as housemakers. But we have met a handful of men, who are working, cooking, cleaning and taking care of their homes like their wives or mothers. On top of it, there is another section of the society, who will meet these men and will say, 'bhaiya se mat karwao na', 'bhaiya safai karege, haww'! That's how we have been functioning all this while, but thank god, there are new-age couples, who are defying all these rules. And one such telly town couple is Kavita Kaushik and her husband, Ronnit Biswas. (Recommend Read: Arjun Kapoor Revealed How Arpita Khan Had Dumped Him And His Bond With Salman In Throwback Interview)

Before, we take you further into the story, let us take a look at Kavita Kaushik's love life. The actress is still remembered for her character, Chandramukhi Chautala from the hit show, FIR. She gave her fans a shock when she had decided to marry her boyfriend, Ronnit on January 27, 2017. In an interview with the Bombay Times, Kavita had talked about the man of her dreams and had shared that Ronnit is one of her closest buddies. In fact, he is a reflection of her real personality. She had also revealed that with him around, she can goof up and not regret. Since then, they have been giving us couple goals.

Kavita Ronnit Anniversary

On March 23, 2020, Kavita took to her Twitter handle and shared a snippet from her life. In the picture, we can see her husband cleaning the dishes while she was holding a mop. Along with it, she wrote, "Tips on how to be better than our govt in this fight against the virus:- 1- Divide and do all chores b/w yourself and family members and give your staff/househelp paid leaves. 2- share your food/Ration/supplies with watchmen, random people in need 3- stay the fuck at home and sanitise!"

Kavita's tweet spoke about the importance of sharing the house cleaning load amongst the family members. However, this didn't go well with a troller and they instantly commented, "All we can see is that guy working while you're on mobile taking selfies and tweeting." But looks like, Kavita wasn't in the mood to let this troll go and she came up with the wittiest response and tweeted, "Obviously over-smartness makes people blind, they don't know 'who is who' most of the times and can't see a "poncha" in my hand clearly visible! That "guy" working is my husband and I have better selfie ideas than while mopping the floors." (Also Read: Kriti Sanon Turned Johnny Walker From 'Sar Jo Tera Chakraye' For Sister, Nupur During Janata Curfew)

Now, you get it why we say Kavita and her husband, Ronnit are a source of inspiration for modern couples. They are not living their life with societal bondages. We remember in an interview with the Hindustan Times, Kavita had shared that they are not planning to have a child anytime soon and the reason was just perfect. The actress had revealed, "I don’t want to be unfair to the child. If I have a child in my 40s, by the time my child would be 20, we would’ve touched our old age. I don’t want our child to take care of old parents in his/her 20s."

Kavita Kaushik Ronnit Biswas Wedding anniversary

She had further added, "Maybe we are not maternal and paternal as people. We want to make the world a lighter place and don’t want to bring up a child to this overcrowded city and throw him in the struggles of Mumbai. Ronnit lost his parents when he was very young and even I, being the only child, had to do a lot of hard work to make a living and support my family. So now, we are enjoying life like kids, travelling and achieving couple goals and more. Sometimes I act like a father to him and he acts like a mother to me. We fulfil the things that we don’t have in each other’s lives, thus, we don’t feel the need to have a child." (Don't Miss: Shahid Kapoor Admits Listening To Wife, Mira Rajput Kapoor Has Changed His Life And Defines Soulmate) 

Well, we totally loved Kavita's way of schooling the troll! What about you?

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