Katrina Kaif Tells You When Is The Right Time To Get Married And We Agree


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Katrina Kaif Tells You When Is The Right Time To Get Married And We Agree

Shaadi sahi time pe ho jaye toh aacha hai!

Shaadi ki umar ho gayi hai tumhari!

Abhi nahi karni kya hota hai? Umar nikal jayegi, tab karoge kya shaadi?

Logg kya kahenge, jawaan beti ko ghar mein baitha rakha hai?

Tumhare doston ki shaadi hone laggi hain, kuch ke toh bacche bhi hain. Tum kya akele rahogi humesha?

When is the 'right time' to get married? Or, why should I get married?

These are some questions that almost every Indian girl and guy comes face to face with as soon as they turn “the right age”. Well, according to our government, it is 18 and 21 respectively; and our society always follows what government says, right? (Did someone mention Sec. 377?)

P.S.: Seriously consider yourself lucky if you didn’t get faced by these things before turning 25 or 27!

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What is this “right time” that everyone at home and in the society keep hammering, we wonder? Especially when it comes to Indian girls, “it is the right time”, is a sentence with which all marriage discussions start and end. Is it the time when I become “legally” adult? Is it the time when my friends start getting hitched? Is it the time when suddenly every single auntyji, who keeps their ears close enough to everyone's family, hear my biological clock ticking away?

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And, once you get out of the “it is the right time baby” (a-ah!) conversation, you are surrounded by lines like, “you have a younger sister as well, we have to think of her after settling you”, “old age mein dost saath nahi rehte, so get married”, “humare baad koi toh chahiye tumhara dhyan rakhne wala”, “tum humme kush dekhna chahti hoy a nahi?”, or the ever famous, “logg kya kehenge?”

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And, faced by all these things telling them of “right time” and “right reasons”, many women either land themselves in marriages that they are not ready for or can’t handle, or relationships that are not right for them.

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So, when is the right time to get married, you may ask, just like us? Well, let’s hear it all from Katrina Kaif only, who herself is 31 years of age (looks 25, right?), and is happily unmarried. We don't know if Katrina gets it right 'when to get married', but she certainly knows 'when not to'! Just watch: 

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Just like Katrina Kaif, we also believe that there is a right time and a right reason to get married, but it is not the one that everyone else says or thinks so. It is when you are sure you have met someone who deserves you! And well, we want to add just one more- it is when you feel sure that you are ready!

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So, get married, but not because it would make everyone else happy. Do it by being selfish, do it to make yourself happy, do it because it is your choice, and do it only when you find someone who can be the “right reason” and can make you feel like it is the “right time”!

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