Karan Patel's Birthday Gift For His Wife Ankita Is The Best Thing One Can Do For Their Better Half


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Karan Patel's Birthday Gift For His Wife Ankita Is The Best Thing One Can Do For Their Better Half

People say that matches are made in heaven, by God’s own hands, and we completely agree. Marriages are definitely something out of heaven and that is why they are so beautiful.

We have seen many happy couples around, but our telly town couples raise the bars of a happy relationship with everything they do. But today, we have for you something, which no one has ever done for their wives before. And, this something special has been done by none other than but our favourite TV heartthrob Karan Patel aka Raman Bhalla of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein for his lovely wife, Ankita Bhargava.

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Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargav

What has he done, you might ask. Well, without creating any more suspense, let us tell you. The cute and bratty lover boy, has written a letter for his dear wifey on the occasion of her birthday (August 17) and shared it with a national daily. The content of the letter is such, that will move even the strongest of people to tears.

Take a look:


My darling wife Ankita,

The happiest birthday to the Best Wife in the world. I've said I love you a million times to you but I should have rather said I love you and THANK YOU. Thank you for putting up with a brat like me and making my life the beautiful poetry it has become. I've messed up far more number of times than anyone can imagine and youve been very patient and kept giving me chances to work upon myself. But today, I want to say SORRY for all the hurt and pain that my doings may have caused you."

Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargav

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Can anybody cross the limit of adorability this guy has portrayed in this letter?

Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargav

He has not just thanked his better half for everything she has done for his but also, apologised for every mistake he thinks he ever made. And, this is not all. To make sure that his lady love gets the best, he makes some beautiful promises to her. Read on:

"I cannot even in my wildest dreams think of taking my next breath without having you as my wife. I have been amazing at making promises but miserable at keeping them. So today, in the presence of everyone reading this, I want to make a few promises, which I will keep this time. I promise I will try not to repeat the mistakes I've made in the past. I promise I will try and bring more smiles on your face than tears in your eyes."

Aww, you cutie pie, stop already! We already have a major crush on you, and after reading this pure display of emotions, we cannot stop our hearts from racing.

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Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargav

Here are some more vaadas Karan made:

"I promise I will try and be the person you want me to become. And lastly, I promise I will try to be a better person, if not a better husband. It's your birthday and you're supposed to be getting gifts, but I think God changed the tradition and gifted YOU to ME instead. So with each passing day, I want to thank God for sending his most precious angel to me as my wife. I am sorry and I truly, deeply, madly, insanely, addictively and crazily LOVE YOU TO DEATH...! So, ANKITA KARAN PATEL (my name never sounded better) wish you a very very happy birthday my love. May you be showered upon with all that you ever wished for.


Your not so perfect husband, Karan"

Okay, we do not know about others, but the "ANKITA KARAN PATEL (my name never sounded better)" definitely stole our hearts away.

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Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargav

Many people write cutesy love letters and notes for their loved ones. But not many of them have the guts to accept their mistakes and make true promises in front of the entire world. That requires some serious courage, ladies and gentleman.

Ankita Bhargav's throwback pic from his wedding with Karan Patel is just too cute to miss.

Ankita Bhargav's throwback pic from her wedding with Karan Patel is just too cute to miss.

Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargav

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Their love story is nothing less than a fairytale too! The couple got married on May 3, 2015, just a couple of months after they were introduced to each other by their common friend, Aly Goni.

Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargav

For quite some time, false news that their marriage is on the rocks was doing the rounds. People have been on the lookout for any trace of problems in Karan and Ankita’s love paradise. But, we are sure that with these gorgeous words that Karan wrote, all such rumours will be buried for once and for all.

Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargav

You go Karankita; you guys are the true definition of a ‘happily married couple’. And, we hope your marriage always remains this beautiful. As for Ankita Bhargava, Happy Birthday girl! We are sure your darling hubby will keep all this promises. After all, you guys are made for each other!

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