'Bigg Boss 12' Fame Jasleen Matharu And Anup Jalota Forget Old Worries Over A Romantic Date Night


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'Bigg Boss 12' Fame Jasleen Matharu And Anup Jalota Forget Old Worries Over A Romantic Date Night

There’s a thing about all Bigg Boss loyalists. We don’t think we are that eager about our birthdays, as we are for the clock to strike 9pm these days! Why so? We eagerly wait for Bigg Boss to air. Innumerous calls remain unattended and invites to pyjama parties get a nod, only if the place has a television set. Why again? We can’t miss Bigg Boss, of course! (Do Read: Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas To Have An Indo-Western Winter Wedding In Jodhpur, Details Inside)

The makers of Bigg Boss 12 have developed a very interesting concept this time. The single v/s jodis theme is a hit among the masses. Specifically talking about jodis here, 65-year-old, Anup Jalota and 28-year-old, Jasleen Matharu’s pair is one of the most loved and talked about vichitra jodis in the house. Their rather odd-pairing, couple PDA and sweet conversations ensure that the audience remains entertained. But sadly, a recent Bigg Boss task led to a bitter split between the couple inside the house.

Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu

In case you missed it, we will give you all the details in the later paragraphs to come, but let’s begin with a good news first. Today’s episode in Bigg Boss will see the vichitra jodi reuniting and how! A romantic date organised by the makers of the show to make things fine between the couple was just the need of the hour! In tonight’s episode, you will see Anup ji and Jasleen in a romantic date night, exchanging shy glances at each other and dancing arms in arms. Anup ji later, bends down on his knees and gifting a red rose to his much younger muse! The teaser of the episode that we are going to share with, concludes with a cute “love you” from both ends. Checkout the video here:



Speaking about the reasons behind their breakup, Anup Jalota was kidnapped during a task at the Bigg Boss house and Jasleen was asked to give away all her clothes, make-up and get her long hair cut as an ransom. Jasleen refused to do the same and that is exactly from where it all started. Next day, at the dining table, Anup Jalota was seen announcing it to everyone around about how hurt he is, with Jasleen’s gesture. And as a result, he has decided to part ways with her. A hurt Jasleen was seen crying profusely, while her inmates console her. (Also Read: Dipika Kakar Shares Insights Of 'Desi' Marriage, Tells Nehha Marrying Shoaib Was The Best Decision)



In the next episodes, things turned a little better between the duo as Anup ji seemed to take another test on her. In a video that has been doing rounds on the internet, Anup ji was spotted taunting Jasleen due to her unperformed task. When she asked him about her new hairstyle, the bhajan samrat said that it would have looked better had she cut her hair short! He further gave Jasleen a hypothetical situation and asked her, that if her clothes were ever taken away and Anup Jalota was asked as ransom, would she give him away? To which Jasleen replied that she would obviously give away all her clothes for him. Checkout the video below:



Meanwhile, Jasleen's father, Kesar Matharu, who is infuriated with the fact that his daughter was dating her Guruji, commented on Anup and Jasleen’s split inside the house. He had stated, “If he has broken the pair, it is his marzi (will)." When pointed out in an interview that viewers are now calling their relationship ‘fake’, Kesar said, "I will come to know the real story once they're out of the house. It might be possible. I really don't know as of now. We are watching the same stuff as you on TV. I will ask Jasleen when she's out about the real story." (Checkout! Prince Narula And Yuvika Chaudhary's Pre-Wedding Shoot Pics, Their Love Shines Through Their Eyes)

Bigg boss contestant Jasleen matharu opens up about dating singer anup jalota

Before entering the Bigg Boss 12 house, Jasleen opened up about dating 65-year-old Anup Jalota. When asked about their huge age gap, she was quoted as saying, “Age gap has never bothered us and now once we go inside the house we will get to know the real reaction of people about our relationship. Since until now, nobody knew anything. So, whether good, bad or ugly, we will get reactions from the house."

Looks like Anup and Jasleen will have a new beginning in their relationship after their date! What are your views on this? Keep us posted in the comments section below.

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