Ishant Sharma On 'How His Wife Would Kill Him' Gives A Hilarious Twist To Dolly Parton Challenge

Indian fast bowler, Ishant Sharma shared his Dolly Parton Challenge on Instagram and reveals his wife, Pratima Singh will kill him


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Ishant Sharma On 'How His Wife Would Kill Him' Gives A Hilarious Twist To Dolly Parton Challenge

Internet isn’t all that dark and depressing all the time and if used in the right way, then this is place filled with a lot of motivational and funny things but it all depends on you and what you want to see. Every day, we come across a lot of trending internet challenges and trends that are getting viral on different social media platforms. One such challenge is Dolly Parton Challenge and has given birth by American superstar, pioneer of country music, western-inspired style, and big hair singing sensation is the one who shared her four different images in the context of four different websites/apps in a collage on January 21, 2020. (Recommended Read: Shilpa Shetty Kundra And Raj Kundra's Visit To Shirdi To Seek Blessings Is All About Family Bonding)

A little idea from Dolly appreciated tremendously well by the internet family and since then there’s no looking back for this challenge. From celebrities to common people, everyone is in love with this challenge and is sharing their pictures on Instagram and other social media platforms. Recently, the famous Indian fast-bowler, Ishant Sharma shared his version of the famous Dolly Parton challenge and the whole internet is laughing their heart out for his hilarious take on this challenge.

Ishant Sharma Pratima Singh

Ishant Sharma, who is known for his fast-bowling reveals that he doesn’t hold the balls when it comes down to have an account of Tinder. The revelation came after he put a picture of him and her wife, Pratima Singh from their wedding day in the Tinder box. On top of this hilarious move, Ishant had written a long caption that could be read as, “Had to keep up with the challenge, so here is my version. Also, I am happily married to @pratima0808 & she would kill me if I am on tinder. #linkedin #facebook #instagram #tinder #dollyparton #dollypartonchallenge #dolly #parton.” Check his post down below: (Also Read: Juhi Parmar Pens Down Her Precious Journey As A Mother On Her Daughter, Samairra's 7th Birthday)

Ishant Sharma Pratima Singh

Hilarious, isn’t it? Well, there’s no argument in saying the truth that every husband on the planet fears from his wife. No wonder, Ishant is going to pay for this little tease. However, not many people know but our beloved Indian fast-bowler is an extremely talented writer and a romantic person. For instance, let’s talk about December 9, 2019, when Ishant and Pratima celebrated their third wedding anniversary and to mark the special occasion. Ishant posted a video of him and his wife, Pratima from their wedding day. Even though the video is extremely beautiful and emotional, it is the caption that won the hearts of many people. Ishant wrote a long caption as it reads, “I don't know how 3 years have gone by with you, we have fought, we have had each other's food (always), but most of the times you end up eating mine if I ask you do you want diet coke you always say no, you're on a diet, but you end up finishing mine, which is cute!! From eating my food to wearing my jumpers, which I always complain about!! But I have never said that, because I love it when you eat my food, drink my fizzy drinks and wear my jumpers!! I love every bit of it!! It's just our 3rd anniversary, but I’ll celebrate so many more years with you! And I know you think I’m fussy about my things, but I’m not fussy when it comes to sharing with you. Because I always feel you're me and I’m you!! And congratulations to you having to bear me for 3 years now but still, a long way to go, my friend, my wife, my life! Happy Anniversary! @pratima0808.”



However, jokes apart, both Ishant and Pratima Singh are madly-in-love with each other. The couple had tied the knot on December 9, 2016, and since then we have seen them enjoying life together. While Ishant Sharma is a fast bowler in the Indian cricket team, his wife, Pratima Singh is also an exceptional Basketball player and former captain of the Indian Women's Basketball team. Well, the fact that both Ishant and Pratima are sportspersons, it is easy for them to understand each other and this is what makes them a power couple. We hope the two keeps on having this funny and loving bond until the end. (Don't Miss: Kapil Sharma Gives A Glimpse Of The 'Fun Shopping' For His Newborn Daughter, Anayra Sharma In Dubai)

What are your thoughts on Ishant’s Dolly Parton Challenge?

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