Good News For Couples Getting Married: IRCTC Offers Royal Wedding On The Wheels


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Good News For Couples Getting Married: IRCTC Offers Royal Wedding On The Wheels

Many love stories have started on trains, many memories have been created during train journey and many friends have been made while travelling from one destination to another. Isn’t it? And now, Indian railways is again giving you a chance to make memory of a lifetime.

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In fact, this is one exciting news for all the to-be wedded couples and we promise that you will be thrilled to know about the new idea that Indian Railways came up with. Eager to know what it is exactly? Ok, here is the answer!

You can now book and get hooked on train and that too in a lavish style. Yes, you read it correct, you can now have your ‘Wedding On Wheels’! Told you already that you will be excited! Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), a subsidiary of Indian Railways, has come up with a new and unique concept to offer to the soon-to-be married couples- the ability to enjoy their wedding celebrations in luxury or semi-luxury coaches, while travelling along the Indian countryside! Drum rolls please!

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And if you are worried about the decor, catering and other things, then you have no reason to get anxious because the railway will take care of it too. They will offer the wedding in the train along with 5-star facilities, mouth-watering food and luxurious decor. And the best part is that IRCTC will offer various wedding packages that can be customised by the couples and the wedding planners according to their wish and budget.

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The couples can choose luxury or semi-luxury coaches, food, number of wedding guests, decoration and travel route. The facility of spas and saunas will also be available for those looking for a royal treatment. The costs of the entire wedding will depend on the facilities used by the party.

Here is what a railway official said:

“It’s similar to offering everything one could expect during a wedding held in a hotel, resort or farmhouse. There will be the best of everything, managed by experts to make it one of the most memorable events for the bride, groom and their families.”

The official further added:

“We are finalising the finer details and will launch these packages on demand. We are hoping it’s a huge success.”

You can host your wedding on luxurious trains like the Maharaja Express, Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot, and Royal Rajasthan on Wheels. Just imagine you, your would-be, friends, family members, royal treatment and new amazing destinations every day! Mesmerising, isn’t it? Now, that’s what we call a fun, lavish and a royal wedding. Each day will be an exciting day on these luxurious trains.

So, all the would-be brides and grooms, if you are not keen on a destination wedding, but are looking for ways to make your wedding affair a memorable one in the true sense, then do consider this new concept by IRCTC. It will totally be a unique way to celebrate your union.

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Weddings should be enchanting. After all, you don’t get married daily! What do you think about this new idea by Indian Railways? Do share your views with us in the comment box below. We would love to know your viewpoint!

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