10 Inspiring Paper Decor Ideas For A Cool And Stylish Wedding


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10 Inspiring Paper Decor Ideas For A Cool And Stylish Wedding

The new and latest wedding themes have always caught the fancy of those looking to impress. This season, the wedding circuit has something quirkier and more artistic- the stunning paper decoration. The easy-to-do and aesthetic paper decor is the next big thing to do at your shaadi for a hatke decor.

Birds, wheels, trees or lanterns; it could be just anything to jazz it up. We list out a few inexpensive and outstanding paper adornments that can definitely add more meaning and character to your ceremony!

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#1. Paper blossoms

Give traditional flower decor a twist with the ornate ones hanging beautifully from above at your venue. Having a collection of paper flowers will create an amazing view at your wedding and will make for an extremely soft and romantic touch. Besides, it’s also a budget-friendly option as compared to real flowers and can set the right mood for your guests. Bouquet of flowers in myriad colours, single huge flower or miniature paper flowers will be a striking addition.

#2. Birds

The tweeters out of colourful papers will beautify your entrance and look unique. They have a charm of their own. They are cute and sweet and can unleash your imagination too. The flock of birds right above the mandap or perched on the walls will surely create a vintage and whimsical atmosphere for the guests. You can also have the flock of cranes arranged in different ways- vertical, horizontal or diagonally running through your wall. Strands of multi-coloured cranes in small sizes too will look beautiful.

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#3. Pom-poms

It’s time to give a spin to your wedding theme. The bunch of fluffy playful balls along the seating arrangement (back of the chairs) can create a quick and inexpensive visual display for your party. The cute and colourful pom-poms made out of paper not only offer a playful creation and modern effect to your hall or stage, but also a chic alternative to real flowers and balloons. Pom-poms will make the ambience look magical and fairly-like.

#4. Garlands

The paper garlands have always been the luxe affair to be flaunted at parties and festivities. The swaying elements not only make a big impact but are a welcome change to the traditional ones. The paper streamers, strands and hangings can add a punch of lustre and colour to just any decor. Lovely delicate flowers as a garland, mixed pattern leaves, or geometrically cut papers can surely be the crowd-pleasers at your do.

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#5. Cut outs

Well-known for its fun factor and creativity, paper cut outs in various shapes and patterns can be the best option for your reception decor. You can have various exclusive displays like that of trees, pixies, giant flowers, animals etc. at the location of your celebration. You can re-create the world of fantasy with the cut-outs of castles, mermaids and fairies. Extra big butterfly cut-outs too are a clever and simple idea to flare it up.

#6. Kites

Colourful umbrella at each seating station can make it fun and eye-catching. Big umbrellas in candy colours like pink, orange and green can fill up the entire space with the right spirit and zing. You can quirk up the food stations and drink bar with easy-to-emulate and affordable paper umbrella. You can also keep spare kites for the kids to play with.

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#7. Umbrellas

Umbrellas are not just great for rainy day. You may well find them at weddings these days as a decor option. Umbrellas in various hues and shades say it all. Have them placed at guest chairs or stack them by the side of stage or on the mandap. Your guests will definitely adore the innovation added to your wedding theme.

#8. Lanterns

Be it real or out of paper or fabric; lanterns are always the best decor ornaments. But paper lanterns are something that can light up your event creating a warm heavenly atmosphere. These faux vivid colour lanterns are suitable for both a formal and a casual setting and are super crafty to inject some ethnicity into your wedding. These are also amazing alternatives to real candles or diyas. If you have a poolside party, you can have floating paper lanterns illuminated with candles inside.

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#9. Pin wheels

Paper pin wheels and fans are versatile and an exciting option to infuse some life into your event. These whirling paper crafts look fantastic when en-massed (grouped together) and used as a backdrop for your ceremony. Have them in varying sizes and get them fixed as a wall feature or suspended from above at different heights. You can have them at the backdrop to the wedding stage. Your guests will be more than elated to spot the funky and chic pin wheels at the venue entrance or rooftops.

#10. Chandeliers

You can decorate your wedding venue like the one straight out of a fantasy book and trust us, it will not cost you a bomb. Go for interesting paper chandeliers to add euphoria and glamour to your wedding space. You can have the paper cut in quirky shapes like hearts, cycle, huts, clouds or stars and the innovative chandeliers are bound to catch the attention of every guest. 

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So, what are you waiting for? The dangling beauties from the paper-land will offer an off-beat and out-of-the-box display to your wedding decor. Besides, you can go eco-friendly with the crafty paper work that your guests will never forget.

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