8 Innovative Cocktail Bars That You Must Have At Your Wedding


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8 Innovative Cocktail Bars That You Must Have At Your Wedding

What's a wedding without some music, dance and a lot of booze? On your wedding, give a chance to your guests to enjoy their drinks along with the bar. Let go off those plain boring stations and allow your wedding decor to reach out your cocktail bar as well. Here are some ideas for your wedding cocktail bar!

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#1. Story based bars

Weddings are a reflection of the couple's life. Expressing their love story using various props during the celebrations is a great way to give a wedding a personal touch. If you are having a wedding in which the theme is your love story, it would be a great idea to extend the idea to the cocktail bar as well. Paint your story over it or put up a display board with the names of the drinks dedicated to the bride and the groom.

#2. On the go bar

Get over 'runaway bride' and say hello to the 'on the go bars'. Food trucks are immensely famous but these cocktail trucks are going to give them a really tough competition. You can choose your favourite fantasy vehicle for the same. It can be a truck, a transformer, a monster truck or maybe a Mercedes. It will give your wedding a rocking edge!

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#3. Boho bar

If you are a non-conformist couple, setting up a Bohemian cocktail bar would add an unconventional touch to your wedding. Go wild with your Boho Bar. Throw some feathers and flashy beads to make it stand out. Instead of serving the drinks in fancy glasses, serve them in jars. You can even give your guests wildflower headbands so that they can immerse themselves in your Bohemian theme.

#4. Winter wedding bar

If you are getting married during the winter season, you can set can set up the Cocktail bar inside the venue or have the station covered. Decorate the bar with giant snowflakes or set up a snowman. You can even serve the drinks in glasses made of ice!

P.S.: Since it's the winter season, having hot chocolate bar would be great too!

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#5. Close to the nature bar

For those couples who admire the beauty of nature and want to incorporate its essence into their wedding decor, it can be engagingly done with the help of a cocktail bar. Use garlands made of real flowers and leaves or put some flower vases on the table to decorate the bar. It will look lovely and make the colours of the drinks pop out!

#6. Bollywood style bar

Our Indian weddings are nothing without some Bollywood touch! With some flamboyant lights, desi glasses and over the top movie posters, your Bollywood cocktail bar will make your wedding look larger than life. So, bottoms-up on some typical Bollywood beats!

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#7. Old style shamiana

Embrace the culture by setting up a shamiana for the cocktail. Under a soothing canopy, throw some large cushions, light the lamps and hang Mughal decorations. In the midst of the sufi songs, serve cocktails to your guests. You can customise the shamiana as you like. You can play with the colours and the decorations to make it truly yours.

#8. Let there be geometry

'In the world of chaos, let there be order'. We all know that along with a lot of fun, weddings invite some drama and tension as well. In such a case, at least the cocktail bar should be organised. Let your beer bottles and the champagne glasses stand tall in proper lines. Not only will it make the bar look organised but make the drinks quite handy too!

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Now that you know how you can make your wedding cocktail bar look amazing; go ahead and whip your magical wand of decoration to create something amazing!

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