7 Typically Annoying Complaints That Indian Wedding Guests Love To Make


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7 Typically Annoying Complaints That Indian Wedding Guests Love To Make

Wedding guest’s happiness is quite important for the soon-to-be married couple and their respective families. And, they go to a great extent to make sure there is no scope left for them to grumble about anything. However, the truth is that you just cannot please everyone.

So, here goes a list of annoying complaints that they do make at weddings. And, here is how you can survive it with ease- take their opinion with a pinch of salt, drop hints of sarcasm (only if you must), and do not let them dampen your spirits.

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#1. Shaadi sardiyon mein kar lete

indian wedding guests typical complaints4

Agreed that North India literally burns because of the scorching and unavoidable sun in summers. And, the weather is much more conducive to wed during winter (despite the chilliness of weather). But, there may have been various reasons for picking a certain date and a month! So, give the parents of the bride and groom some time off!

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#2. Wedding venue could have been better

indian wedding guests typical complaints9

Every couple has a budget for their wedding and they accordingly not only shortlist the venues, but also the guests. So, why it was not better in terms of size and interior decoration must never be spoken about.   

#3. Who goes for a monsoon wedding?

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Weddings are celebration times for the entire family, so, whether it is hot or cold or raining cats and dogs, how does it matter? Or, if it irks you, how about declining attending it? But, that is not possible, right? Then how about switching off your complaining mode and indulging the bride and the groom?

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#4. Non-veg kyun nahin tha shaadi mein?

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Sure, we feast and eat to our hearts content at a wedding, but if there is no non-veg being served there would surely be a valid reason behind it. For instance either of the groom’s or the bride’s sides could be vegetarians.

#5. Ladka- Ladki 'made for each other' nahi lag rhe

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But, dear relative, jab ladka-ladki raazi, toh kya karega qazi! If the bride and groom like each other and so do their parents, your opinion really does not matter. The only thing you can do is be a part of the celebration, and bless the newlywed couple with all the happiness in the world!

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#6. Aapko pata hai parents ne kundali nahin milwayi in bachon ki!

indian wedding guests typical complaints2

Sure, kundali matching is considered important in many Indian households, but not every family does agree to it. For them, maybe their children’s compatibility is quite above the astrological proof. If the bride and groom’s kundalis were not matched, how or why must it irk you? It is for the couple and their parents to decide, whether it is of any importance to them or no!

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#7. I wonder why very few people were invited

indian wedding guests typical complaints3

The problem is you wonder a lot! Many people prefer to cut down on their guest list, because wedding is a special occasion. Presence of close family is more important than every other person who may not matter to them at all. And, as you have made it to that cut-consider yourselves lucky.

While these are some of the most commonly heard complaints made by guests, do let us know if there is more to be added to the list. Write to us or drop in your comments in the comment section below.

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