15 Natural Ways To Increase The Chances Of Getting Pregnant


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15 Natural Ways To Increase The Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Have clicked on this link nervously? Are you thinking we are going to offer you some boon-pill from the Himalayas which will definitely burn a huge hole in your pocket? Are you thinking we are going to give you some never-seen-before, never-heard-before totkas?

Well, if you are, then you’re absolutely wrong. We ain’t going to do any such thing. In fact, what we are going to tell are 15 of the easiest things you can do at the comfort of your home without any stress of paying an obscene amount. Ready? Read on!

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#1. Healthy eating

Increase chances of getting pregnant

Stack up your fridge with greeny, leafy vegetables and ripe seasonal fruits. Consume milk, curd, nuts and stay as far away from junk food as you can get. Don’t stay hungry for too long. Consume small meals at regular intervals. A healthy lifestyle begins with healthy and proper eating. Simple? Isn’t it?

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#2. Maintain your ideal weight

Increase chances of getting pregnant

Don’t let your weight dictate whether or not you can conceive. Stay in the ideal weight zone (plus, minus 5 kgs). An ideal weight makes all your organs function to its optimum and increases your chances of fertility.

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#3. Quit smoking

Increase chances of getting pregnant

Now, this does not require to figure it out. Whether or not you’re trying to conceive, one should maintain a safe distance from all the bad eating and lifestyle habits like smoking. Smoking fills your body with chemicals and adversely affects your reproductive system.

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#4. Reduce caffeine intake

Increase chances of getting pregnant

If you’re one of those persons who just can’t function without a heavy dose of caffeine, this one might take you aback. Studies have found that caffeine blocks the free-flow of blood towards the pelvic area thus affecting the well-being and functioning of your reproductive organs.

#5. Protect vagina from chemicals

Increase chances of getting pregnant

Researchers have established that scented sprays, lubricants, vaginal perfumes, tampons etc. can cause irritation and allergies in your vaginal tract. They also restrict the movement of sperm in your cervix thus lessening your chances of conceiving.

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#6. Don’t have sex as a routine job

Increase chances of getting pregnant

For those of you, who are trying to have a baby, having frequent sex is a must. However, one must never have sex as a routine activity or do it as a duty. Believe it or not, biology states that human body secretes a certain type of hormone which facilitates the production of sperm and eggs only when it enjoys the process of making the baby, not otherwise. Have sex for fun, not as a chore.

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#7. Don’t perform

Increase chances of getting pregnant

Once the idea that you’re having sex just to make a baby gets stuck in your head, it will be difficult to take it out of your mind easily. This will not only put you under pressure but will also affect your mood/hormones/satisfaction quotient. Hence, don’t analyse sex too much. Just go with the flow while you’re at it.

#8. Stay away from cycling or biking

Increase chances of getting pregnant

Too much of cycling or biking or sitting at one position affects the pelvic area of men, especially the penile nerves. Hence, if you have a desk job, make sure to take frequent breaks and take short walks in the corridor. Don’t be sedentary at a position for too long.

#9. No peeing after sex

Increase chances of getting pregnant

Those ladies who run to the loo as soon as the act is finish, read on. Due to gravity and water sprays, sperm leaks off easily from the vagina once you stand up. Hence, to facilitate easy and free movement of sperm through your cervix, lay still for at least 30 minutes post-sex. Clean up yourself post that since the sperms which had to reach would have reached the eggs by then.

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#10. Stay away from alcohol

Increase chances of getting pregnant

Alcohol has a direct negative impact on men’s erection and potency. In addition to this, alcohol interferes with the menstrual cycle of women and thus makes it difficult to identify the fertile period.

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#11. Stress – A BIG NO!

Increase chances of getting pregnant

Do whatever you want to do man but don’t trouble yourself. That’s the motto you should live by whether or not you’re trying to conceive. Stress interferes with the hormones and menstrual cycle for the females and adversely affects their reproduction capabilities. In men too, stress can have a serious impact on the sperm quality and quantity.

#12. Proper sleep

Increase chances of getting pregnant

For those of you who’re trying to conceive, you must remember that sleeping is as important as is exercise or a good diet. One must take at least 8 to 10 hours of sound sleep. Sleeping relaxes your body and acts as a cushion for all the wear and tear that your body has gone through throughout the day.

#13. Morning sex

Increase chances of getting pregnant

Now, what can be better than this? Haven’t we all enjoyed early morning make-out sessions at some point or the other? Well, good news! That this comes with an added benefit. Have sex early in the morning as the body and the mind is said to be at peace during this time which facilitates orgasm, which in turn, facilitates the movement of sperm in the cervix.

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#14. Read about the medicines you take

Increase chances of getting pregnant

Even though you might have been taking them ever since you were a child or have popped some of these even during slightest of health issues, but some medicines do interfere with your reproduction and reproduction capabilities. Anti-depressants, anti-convulsive pills etc are known for interfering with the fertility rate in both males and females.

#15. Visit your doctor

Increase chances of getting pregnant

If you’ve been planning to conceive and tried everything under the sun, its best to visit your gynaecologist because arriving at a medical conclusion just by going through the internet is not at all done. Instead of giving yourself undue stress, schedule an appointment with the doctor and get yourself checked. Chances are the doctor would run tests, identify the root cause and you’d be able to conceive within a few months post that.

Easy, fun, affordable! Apply these lifestyle changes in your day-to-day life and we’re sure you’d soon receive the good news you had been waiting for.

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