8 Ways To Be A Perfect Husband When Your Wife Is Expecting


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8 Ways To Be A Perfect Husband When Your Wife Is Expecting

From the time your wife discovers she is expecting to the moment the little bundle of joy enters the world; it is a physical and emotional roller coaster for her. At such a time, every woman requires complete support and care from you (her husband).

So, for those memorable months, we have compiled a list of things husbands should and should not do to reduce her anxiety and make her pregnancy an enjoyable and stress-free journey.

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#1. Don't be a Google doctor

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Yes, the window to the world is always by your side, but going by the internet data each time is not useful. Certain stories and myths can send her pulse rate up. You need to rely on your health practitioner for the well-being and comfort of your baby and wife. Your wife will be really happy when you make it a point to accompany her to the gynecologist visits. Also, take the doctor's advise to learn how you can keep her mentally and physically at ease during her pregnancy.

#2. Let her know she is gorgeous

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Stress, mood swings and low energy comes hand in hand with the child-bearing phase. Simply letting her know that she looks great during her pregnancy months can help her ease off to an extent. As her bump is growing bit by bit, she will wail about her size. She will have certain insecurities about her looks and whether you are still attracted to her or not. So, next time when she is sulking in front of the mirror about her pre-pregnancy weight and looks, you should just go close to her, hug her softly, place a loving peck on her cheek and whisper "you're beautiful".

#3. Drive safely


We know you love her, but you tend to extend your concern to your cars as well. Travelling with your spouse during pregnancy should be one smooth ride, literally. You are a father-to-be and equally responsible for that new life. It is required that you should keep the car’s speed under check. Also, ensure that your brakes, tires and suspension are all running smoothly. Just make it a priority to make sure you drive safely and smoothly when she is riding with you.

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#4. Take her calls


Since she is already at the end of her nerves at most times, you definitely don’t want to rub her the wrong way by ignoring her calls. Even when you are absolutely busy, just text her that you will call her back… and then do call her back as soon as you are free! She would feel at ease when she knows you are there for her even when you are not at home. Also, you should be extra careful about this during the final stages of the pregnancy. There could be an emergency call anytime then!

#5. Pamper her

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Oil massages, relaxing hand and foot rubs, or hair treatments are a blessing during the period of physical and mental stress. The pampering rituals will leave the mother-to-be relaxed and rejuvenated. Give her some soft foot and back massages at home or book her a session at the parlour. The benefits will be countless and bringing relief to every part of her stretched and aching body. This will definitely earn you extra merit of being a perfect husband and caring father-to-be.

#6. Help her around the house

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Take over some of her household chores and responsibilities. Well, at the least ease her burden of taking care of you when she is supposed to take care of herself and her child. Do the grocery shopping, pick up the dishes after you eat, make occasional tea and breakfast for her. If you already have kids then take on the responsibility of dropping them off to their classes, etc. Go out with her to buy things that you need for the new kid and plan things with her.

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#7. Surprise her


During this time, she may not feel or look attractive all the time, but it is your job to make her feel special at all times. Bring home her favourite flower or a small gift, take her out for a shopping spree or an evening stroll as all this will definitely be relished by an expectant mother. Just because she is pregnant doesn’t mean you two can’t go for dates or movies. Also, keep a note of things that she craves to eat or drink during this time and make sure you get her all that.

#8. Calm her nerves

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Nightmares of looking after a baby, morning sickness or body swelling can become extremely daunting. You should be aware that all this makes her mood swing violently. The key here is to ease up her anxieties and doubts, and give her a happy pre-natal stage. Just listen to what she says and try to cheer her up. Having someone to bear with her complex mind and health condition will be a boon for her after all.

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Pregnancy has thrown up changes and challenges your wife has never experienced before. Use these tips to show her your love, support and care at all times!

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