Imran Khan Annoys Avantika


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Imran Khan Annoys Avantika

If you thought celebrity couples are different from general couples, you need to give it a second thought. No matter how much in love the couples may seem, there is always something that they don’t like about each other. The reasons for dislike can be aplenty. We all know that celebrities are generally up to date with the latest trends. Most likely the interest for women is Fashion and for men it is Gadgets. This phenomenon is applicable on Bollywood stars too. Like many other A grade stars, Imran Khan is obsessed with his tablet computer.

The fact that he is so occupied with his tablet computer really annoys his wife. If he is not shooting, he is involved with his Tab. You can find him engrossed in it on sets, home or car so much so that it irritates Avantika to the core.

Well what we can say about this obsession. This obsession is any day better than getting obsessed with any girl. What do you think?

If you are also somebody whose partner is like Imran then instead of getting frustrated, Try and make peace with it for once. If it happens to be an occasion where your Tech Savvy partner needs to be gifted, here are some of the gifting options for him.


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