The New-Age Daddy Imran And His Little Princess Imara Setting Up Some Serious Father-Daughter Goals

The New-Age Daddy Imran And His Little Princess Imara Setting Up Some Serious Father-Daughter Goals

When it comes to creating trends in our country, Bollywood always comes first! These days, it is not only working mothers who are taking maternity break to bring up their kids. The concept of paternity break is also trending. Even the fathers are taking long breaks from their work to help their partners in bringing up the baby.

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Recently, Shahid and Imran took sabbaticals from their work to bring up their little bundles of joy. Now, after the birth of Taimur, Saif is also planning to take a break to take care of him.

Imran started this beautiful trend and in these 2 years, he has done everything what a father should do to raise his child.

Imran and his wife Avantika became proud parents to a baby girl on June 9, 2014 and they named her Imara. This star kid is already a diva, all thanks to her cute looks!

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Recently, Imran and his little princess had the best of time doing a stunning photoshoot for a fashion magazine, Verve. We bet this is the most adorable thing that you have seen on Internet today! Take a look.

My daddy is the best...

This girl makes me go crazy...

Open you mouth...ha ha ha...

Aren't these pictures just too cute to handle? We can't take our eyes off from these pictures, they look so perfect in one frame. Imran also shared a lot of things about Imara and how much is he enjoying parenthood.

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On being asked if this is how he imagined and expected himself to be a dad one day, and pat came his reply:

“I didn’t know what to expect because, as I said, we had stumbled into it. Suddenly, she was pregnant. Suddenly, the baby has come. And I felt like it snowballed really quickly, and those first couple of months, we were both at a complete loss; we had a really rough time. Even though Imara from, like, day two or three would tend to sleep through the night, we’d be up in the night wondering, ‘Is she breathing? Is she suffocating?’ Both of us were nervous wrecks. It took us five or six months to really settle down and stop being so panicky. That was when I first started to really feel that, ‘Oh my god, I’ve lost my heart to this girl.’ And now I know what that mad parental love is.”

He shared how he feels when he drops his little one to school every day. Here is what he said:

“Every time I drop Imara to playschool, it’s ‘papa, don’t go’. You’ll die on the spot because your baby is weeping and you have to leave her. I sit on the steps outside, listening to her cry, thinking, ‘oh god, I’m a bad father. What am I doing?”

And finally, what is that one thing that he enjoys the most being a father to a cute little princess. Here is what Imran said:

“It’s the first time I’ve had the experience of wanting to spend time with someone — and not caring about other things. If the phone is ringing, you let it ring. If you’re late for something, you’re late — it doesn’t matter. If you’re hungry, you eat later. It just doesn’t matter. I also had that fear of my life coming to a standstill because I like to go places and do things. You’ll have a choice between spending time with your child or going somewhere else. And you’ll feel like you’d rather be with her because it’s more fun. It’s not a difficult choice. You’re not giving up anything.”

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Aww..this is adorable! This new-age daddy cool is setting some serious parenting goals for all the young fathers out there! The way he spends time with his darling daughter and the way he takes care of her is truly inspirational. There is a lot that young fathers can learn from him!

Images Courtesy: Instagram
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