Hydra Facial To Ultherapy, Popular Facials That Cure Blemishes, Acne, Pigmentation And More

Dermatologists suggest that specific facials instead of treatments can heal particular skin issues. Well then, check out these popular facials that cure different skin problems.


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Hydra Facial To Ultherapy, Popular Facials That Cure Blemishes, Acne, Pigmentation And More

Healthy skin results from following the best practices of care and maintenance taken towards it. And we all know that there can be no generic treatment procedure for all skin types, as each type of skin has varied requirements. However, apart from cosmetic products, it is a lesser-known fact that certain facials can also be of utmost help to cure common skin problems.

Apart from their therapeutic and clean-up benefits, facials can also act as remedies for several skin issues, like blemishes, acne, pigmentation, etc. These tackle the problems from their very root and help to eliminate them, along with providing the skin with nourishment and care. Well, then, take a look at some of these kinds of effective facial treatments.

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#1. Hydra facial


As per its name, the key purpose of opting for a hydra facial is to ensure that the skin is exposed to a lot of hydration. Our skin tends to lose a lot of hydration and nourishment by directly facing the hectic schedules of the fast-paced world. The hydra facial procedure is used to cleanse, hydrate and extract to make the skin free of impurities from deep skin pores, using the jet peel technology. At the same time, these pores become inlets of adding enriching fluids and serums to make the skin glow from within. The results of hydra facial are long-lasting and, therefore, a must-voted procedure by many celebs alike.

#2. Carbon facial


For those facing the problem of excessive sun tanning and pollution, carbon facial is an effective tool to remove it all. The primary ingredient of this facial is activated carbon, which can seep in all dirt and clarify the skin thoroughly. Next, the facial session incorporates cleansing sessions and gentle exfoliation using a mild alpha-hydroxy acid. The next step is using ultrasound using natural mineral boosters like seaweed, penetrating the goodness beyond the melanin layer, revealing naturally bright and glowing skin.

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#3. Collagen-oxygen infused facial


The collagen-oxygen-infused facial is an effective treatment for pigmentation issues. Being one of the most harmless treatments and without any side effects, this facial ensures the removal of deeply buried pigmentation using natural ingredients like essential oils and butter, along with the mild usage of equipment that releases RF waves for deep removal of pigmentation. Thus, with one session, you are assured of the complete removal of pigmentation.

#4. Medi facial


A rare facial treatment, the medi-facial helps tackle many issues, from acne to blemishes. Additionally, they help provide highly toned and firm skin. Incorporating a lot of chemical peels, this facial cleanses the skin deeply against acne-causing bacteria, such that all possibilities of severe acne breakouts can be controlled eminently. Other than that, it also involves skin toning, tightening and lightening, which lead to naturally firm, glowing and toned skin.

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#5 Ultherapy


For those looking for some effective remedy to early ageing, Ultherapy can be a helpful facial to go for. Tackling the problem of wrinkles and signs of premature ageing, it tightens the sagging skin without requiring any surgical incision. The simple technique followed is to use micro amounts of ultrasound which help to improve the collagen content in the skin and revitalise and rejuvenate the skin thoroughly.

Well, while these homemade serums are easy and effective, which one of these would you like to try on for yourselves?

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