Best Bridal Hair Care Treatments Before Wedding, Avocado Hair Mask To Argan Oil

Agree or not, hair is one of the body's most sensitive parts, which everybody takes genuine care of. But, for the bride-to-be, is there something extra that needs to be done for the hair?


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Best Bridal Hair Care Treatments Before Wedding, Avocado Hair Mask To Argan Oil

Hair needs daily care since even the minutest damage can bring in a lot of worries. While having bountiful hair is desired by many, for some, the soft curls and waves bring in delight and make them feel highly glamorous from within. Most importantly, it cannot be forgotten that hair itself can can make or break the entire look.

In the case of brides, hair becomes even more essential and extra special because it becomes the harbinger of sheer grace and complements her outfit and look in every manner possible. However, taking care of hair right before the wedding would not lead to positive outcomes, but it is something that needs to be done a long time in advance. Therefore, let us look at some of the most effective hair treatments for various hair needs that every bride should try on!

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#1. Butter masque for shine


A natural shine is the mark of healthy hair. Especially for brides, this shine can be maintained for a long time by using some butter masques for the hair. These contain oily substances, like shea butter which help to retain the moisture of your hair and keep it nourished. It also keeps away frizz and make the hair soft and shiny.

#2. Green tea for hair growth

green tea

Besides its effect against belly fat, green tea is a proven ingredient with many beneficial properties, even for the hair. Whether consumed as a drink or applied directly on bare hair, it helps tackle hair thinning issues. In addition, it promotes hair growth and also helps to strengthen hair roots. Doing this treatment once a week until the wedding day will positively result in thicker hair.

#3. Oil massage for all-rounded benefits


One of the fondest childhood memory of women, especially, was to fret out of putting oil on the hair. While we never acknowledged the goodness of hair oiling back then, its benefits are indeed appropriate in adulthood. Regular oiling of hair prevents hair fall and breakage. In addition, it nourishes the scalp from the roots, reflecting a naturally healthy hair quality.

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#4. Vinegar for dandruff


One of the commonly fretted hair problems is dandruff. It is highly undesirable to see the hair appear almost lifeless and full of white flakes. Especially for the bride, there is the need for bouncy and lively hair to complete their look. To tackle this issue, vinegar comes as a beneficial ingredient. When applied on the scalp, its acid content kills dandruff-causing fungus and effectively reduces flaking.

#5. Egg protein for the frizz


Well, you heard that right. Eggs are a natural source of protein and provide great nourishment to the hair. A mixture of eggs, yoghurt and honey, when applied on bare hair, will not only provide essential protein requirements to the hair but also condition it deeply. Therefore, the brides will be guaranteed a longer time of frizz-free hair until their big day.

#6. Avocado for bouncy hair


All the brides would agree that bouncy and voluminous hair looks gorgeous with their bridal look. But, with the lack of time, blow-dried hair is not a good solution. However, brides can try using an overnight avocado hair mask to make the hair bouncy and look gorgeous. Blending in avocado, banana and yoghurt a night before and then applying will help to make the hair lively and full of lustre.

#7. Argan oil for strong hair


Rich in Omega 3 and Vitamin E, Argan oil is a magical product for the hair. Brides looking for long-lasting healthy hair can utilise the power of argan oil to make it fabulous in no time. It primarily strengthens the hair thread from root to tip and gives it a gorgeous shine. Hair experts recommend it as one of the easiest ways to get healthy hair.

#8. Strawberries for silky hair


Who would know that such a delicious fruit like strawberry would work wonders for the hair? Well, it is a fact that strawberries contain enzymes that make the hair silky and soft. When blended with yoghurt, it forms a magical hair mask that acts as a great hair conditioner that leaves the hair soft and smooth. Also, brownie points for the sweet smell it leaves behind on your hair, making it fragrant for a long time.

Well, team bride, which one of these treatments would you like to try on?

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