6 Tips On How You Can Attend Your Bestie's Wedding Without Going Broke


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6 Tips On How You Can Attend Your Bestie's Wedding Without Going Broke

Did you just receive an invitation to your best friend’s wedding? Are you worried you won’t be able to make it without going completely broke, because you can’t manage money, no matter how hard you try?

Well, relax a bit and don’t worry so much. We have some brilliant tricks that will make you realize the importance of presence of mind and being resourceful, more than anything else. Keep all your money woes aside because we are here to help. Here you go!

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#1. Plan the bachelorette budget

GIF via Tumblr

GIF via Tumblr

You don’t need to necessarily throw a party in a night club or a roof-top restaurant for it to be memorable. See if you can plan it at your place (without your parents’ presence, of course!) or someone else’s. Use internet as your resource hub and make e-invites and look up for DIY décor tutorials. 

Make up some fun games and do not forget to play some real good music you can groove to the entire night! As far as food is concerned, put your culinary skills to good use and cook the meals before getting started with the partyyyy!

#2. Shop or borrow on time

Image: Sex and the City

Image Courtesy: Sex and the City

Think about it. Do you really want to spend so much on buying clothes and accessories you would barely wear again? If not, it is a brilliant idea to raid your mom’s or sister’s wardrobe. See if you can steal something off your friends’ closet too! They would not mind giving away a thing or two. However, if you’re planning to buy stuff, keep a close eye on sales and hit the stores bang on time!

Also, buy accessories which are dynamic and can be styled both as western and Indian wear and with all colours. At least this is what I always do, and trust me, it helps me in managing my budget really well!

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#3. Style yourself and your other ‘broke’ friends

GIF via Tumblr
GIF via Tumblr

Right from hair and make-up to styling, there are a plenty of YouTube tutorials, which are your go-to guides and will help you save a lot of money! So, get going and decide on the look, hoard on the makeup essentials and figure out how you want to style your lehenga, saree, sharara, suit or whatever you intend to wear!

Don’t forget to follow your favourite celebs who rock every shaadi they attend. Your entry should be no less than a red carpet entry!

#4. Book your tickets in advance

Image: Friends

Image Courtesy: Friends

Since you’re the first one to know about your best friend’s wedding, you better book your tickets well in time because as you know, the more time you have in hand, cheaper the flight tickets.

Besides, you could make good use of the frequent flyer points if you have any, or cash in on flight deals that will save you from spending a fortune on the travel itself.

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#5. Save on accommodation

GIF via Giphy

GIF via Giphy

Whether or not it’s an outstation wedding, it’s always a good idea to check with your friend if accommodation is being paid for.

If not, then you can ask her to put you in touch with some of her friends coming from other cities so that you guys can work out an economical solution for a couple of nights!

#6. Talk about gifts

Image: Love Breakups Zindagi

Image Courtesy: Love Breakups Zindagi

Ask your friend what she wants for her big day. Alternatively, you can take her out, tell her your budget, and let her shop. This is the safest way to keep expectations in check.

If you want to surprise her, you could venture out on your own and put your knowledge to best use and shop for her. Or, you can work out a plan with other friends of hers and give her a cash voucher to buy stuff for herself or her new home.

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So, what do you think? Didn’t we say everything is about planning on time and being resourceful? Now that you have these cues to guide you, make sure you leave no stone unturned and have a lot of fun at your bestie ki shaadi!

Cover Image Courtesy: Love Breakups Zindagi