How To Make The Most Of Your Pre-wedding Photo Shoot


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How To Make The Most Of Your Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

Couples who are soon to get married always seek fun ways to preserve the beautiful memories of their courtship romance. This is why, more and more couples can be seen opting for the trend of pre-wedding photo shoots. This is also one of the reasons why pre-wedding photography is getting more and more popular and photographers coming up with newer ideas to make the shoot fun and interesting.

A pre-wedding shoot is all about you and your partner in picturesque settings, creating moments to be cherished for life. All you have to do is smile and enjoy being with each other. But, the real magic of these moments lies in the fact that they look natural and without any pretence. It is just about capturing your chemistry with your partner. We have for you some of the most important things to get the most desired clicks in this fun shoot before your wedding. Take a look. 

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Why go for a pre-wedding photo shoot?

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This photo shoot is almost like a “dress rehearsal” of your wedding photography session. So, it makes you comfortable for the cameras on your big day. Pre-wedding portfolio shoot also gives a chance to the photographer to become acquainted with the couple and make notes for his wedding day session with them.

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Wedding photographer, Anshum Mandore, feels that a pre-wedding shoot should be thought of as your big date before the wedding. “It is probably the only time you will have a professional photographer shoot some casual portraits of you as a couple in a very relaxed atmosphere; and you have the perfect excuse to be doing it too- you are getting married!” he says. Anshum further adds, “A lot of people don't like to adorn the walls of their homes with pictures from the wedding itself. But the casual (yet professional) portraits from the pre-wedding photo shoot make just the right thing for photo frames.”

When and where can it be done?

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A pre-wedding shoot can be done any time during the engagement period, depending upon the couple’s preference. In case you have an arranged marriage, then you can schedule a pre-wedding shoot a few weeks after you have met (so that you both are comfortable with each other) or a few weeks before the wedding (depending on how much time you have on hand). However, in case it is a love marriage and you know each other very well, you can have the shoot planned according to your convenience.

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When it comes to deciding the place for the photo shoot, you can choose from a variety of options. But, while the shoot can take be arranged at the photographer’s studio against various backdrops and coordinated lighting, the best idea is to go to a place that you both really like.

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Discuss about the place, date, day, etc. with your photographer well in advance, as he might require some special equipment or permisssions, depending on the place you choose. You may also need to carry different outfits to match different settings or natural light, depending on the time of the day. Before you start with the shoot, it is best if you take a walk around the location with your photographer to shortlist interesting places and backdrops for different photos.

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Always look for deals and packages

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Professional photographers specialising in wedding photography have special packages that combine pre-wedding and wedding ceremony photo shoots. But if you wish to, you can book separate photographers for your pre-wedding shoot and the wedding day. However, it is always preferable to get pre-wedding portfolio shot by the same photographer, whom you finalise for the wedding, as apart from being cost-effective, this will also make you comfortable with your photographer, as we mentioned before.

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Speaking of various packages that wedding photographers offer, Anshum shares, “Different photographers vary in terms of what they offer and how they package it. Some may offer print albums of the shoot as a package while others may not. Some may charge separately for the pre-wedding shoot while others may bundle it with the wedding photography package.” Some photographers even offer the per-wedding shoot as a complementary shoot with the main wedding photography. So, it is always best to talk in detail about the price ranges and the deals and discounts with your photographer before you finalise them for the shoot.

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Flaunt them at your wedding

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You can create great slideshows of the pictures from your pre-wedding shoot or use the portraits to add a personalised element to your wedding décor. These pictures, along with some videos, can also be used to add some filmy glamour to your wedding website, in case you have one, or your online invitation cards, and absolutely anything that you like!

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A pre-wedding photo shoot is the best way to preserve your memories forever. We suggest you to add this interesting idea to your to-do list to make your wedding even more special.

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