8 Awesome Ways To Give Your Living Room A Makeover Without Spending A Bomb On The Decor


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8 Awesome Ways To Give Your Living Room A Makeover Without Spending A Bomb On The Decor

A living room is the heart of any household and its decoration reflects the personality of the family. Hiring an interior designer with a trained aesthetic sense is a good choice, but often an expensive one. Apart from that, many times it is seen that the personal feel that you and your partner initially imagined, is lost in the décor when someone else is involved in it.

To help you deal with this, we have some tips for you. Not only are these tips cost-effective, but will also give you a sense of satisfaction and positivity about your own living space. Take a look!

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#1. Contrasting furniture

How to Decorate Your Living Room within a Budget

Contrast textures add an interesting element to your living room. They save the space from appearing boring. You can do this without spending a fortune. Just place your favourite items at interesting angles. Like, if you have an old, wooden side table, you can place it next to your contemporary sofa set; or have pillows with embroidered covers placed on chairs or plain-coloured sofas. You can even paint lampshades yourself. This will make up for the lack of colours. while adding an interesting personal touch. Make sure you left ample, yet not too much, space between furniture to avoid clutter.

#2. Contrasting prints

How to Decorate Your Living Room within a Budget

A well thought mix of prints definitely makes your living room look stylish. Just make sure you don’t get too carried away, or else it will just be a chaos of prints! For example, you can have animal or floral print cushion covers if your walls and sofa covers are plain; or have printed curtains if the walls are light coloured. You can even embroider or hand paint your curtains. Another fun way is to sew on a printed border to your plain curtains.

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#3. Colour themes

How to Decorate Your Living Room within a Budget

A lot can be done if you choose a colour theme for your living room. Sofas, rugs, decorative showpieces, birdcages, and many more décor items can be played with, when it comes to colours. Again, you need not spend a lot on looking for colourful pieces. You can take a look at flea-markets to pick interesting pieces. You can have shades of the same colour to give a unique feel to the room. The trick is to have colours play magic without making it monotonous. You can even have two colours- one decorative and one main colour; wherein the main colour will dominate the room and the other will just add some touches.

#4. Keep it bright

How to Decorate Your Living Room within a Budget

If your living room is large enough, it is a good idea to keep it free from congestion. And, if it is not very large, then even more reason to keep it clutter-free! Keep it down to the basics- a sofa, a coffee table and one or two chairs. Keeping your room free of too many objects will allow it to be airy and bright. Your walls will play a major role here. Do not have too many paintings or wall pieces hanging on the walls. Also, paint them in very subtle colours like white, off-white, beige, etc. If you feel this is too simple, you can have a colourful wind chime.

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#5. Keep it practical, functional

How to Decorate Your Living Room within a Budget

To make the décor cost-effective and personalised, be sure to use all furniture and upholstery that is functional and reusable. For example, removable sofa and cushion covers are always better than sewed on covers as you can change them for a new look. If you wish to work or study in your living room, you can have a little section in one corner where you can place a small table with chairs. Keep this corner devoid of mess as much as possible. Match these chairs with the rest of the furniture, so they can be used when there are extra guests.

#6. Add a soft touch

How to Decorate Your Living Room within a Budget

Get your grandfather’s carved side table, or an easy chair by the window, pastel coloured curtains, handcrafted wall hangings, fresh flower decorations, etc., are ways you can add a soft and elegant touch to your room. If you think fresh flowers are too expensive and require frequent change, you can have an attractive artificial flower decoration too. These little things will add an elegant, soft touch to the space, without having to spend a lot.

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#7. Decorate the corners

How to Decorate Your Living Room within a Budget

Decorating the corners of your living room is the best way to make it look stunning instantly. A colourfully decorated lampshade, an old clay pot that you made in a hobby class, a statuette that your friend gifted, an old corner table from your grandmother’s house, and many such things can go in the corners to uplift the look of an otherwise simple living room.

#8. Trendy yet cheap

How to Decorate Your Living Room within a Budget

Why store your kids’ craft and stuffed toys in the store room? Get all the pretty looking craft and paintings, stuffed bunnies and teddies and display them neatly in one corner of the room. Make sure you don’t go overboard though. There are vintage print rugs, wall hangings, wallpapers, etc. available on sales. Keep a tab on these and make them a part of your personalised living room decor.

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Your living room is the first space you see on entering the house. If it is pleasant, warm and has your own loving touch to it, the fatigue and worries of the whole day can simply vanish! So, why not try some of these tips if you and your partner are thinking of giving your space a new look?

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