How To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer


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How To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer

No wedding is ever complete without beautiful wedding photographs. After all, the most important part about your special day are the memories attached to it. Most of the Indian weddings last for a couple of days, filled with rituals and merriment. All the wedding ceremonies have such different emotions attached to them, which is why they are all worth getting clicked!

Even the wedding photographers in India are now up-to-date with latest technology and trends, to capture the best images and videos. However, when it comes to shortlisting the best photographer for their wedding, most couples go through a lot of dilemma. So, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind if you are selecting a photographer to capture the most special occasion of your life.

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Ask around

Ask your friends, family and neighbours for recommendations of good wedding photographers, whose work they have experienced first-hand. You can also browse different wedding websites to search for talented and experienced photographers.

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Make sure you are clear about the amount of money you are willing to spend on wedding photography. Remember the costs of photography can vary not only from one photographer to another, but also on the number of events you get covered.

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Once you have a list of photographers, it is time to set up a meeting. Always ask the photographer to bring their sample photographs along. Shortlist those you feel have best photographs and the required experience. Also, ensure that your shortlisted photographers are willing to work within your budget.

Check their albums

Once you have shortlisted a few photographers, now take a closer look at their work and their wedding albums. This way you can also decide on a design for your wedding album. This would also give you a first-hand experience of how good and professional the photographer actually is.

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Count your ceremonies

Some photographers charge on per hour basis, while others charge for per ceremony. Some even take the number of photographs and hours of videography into consideration, before giving their final price. Make sure you have already counted all the different ceremonies beforehand, which you would like to get covered.

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Venue considerations

Yes, often this is overlooked and later on many people repent on not taking this into consideration. Great photographs always depend on the lighting and backdrops available at the venue. Make sure your photographer is capable of covering indoor as well as outdoor settings. Also, he or she should have sufficient lights and other equipments to make up for any shortage at the wedding venue.

Seeing is believing

Based on the albums and budget, you can easily shortlist a wedding photographer. Invite the photographer to see the wedding venue, so that he or she can arrange for the required logistics, like additional lights or camera accessories. Also, make sure you ask your wedding photographer to give you a small demo. They can either invite you to a wedding that they are covering, or can do a small quick pre-wedding shoot with you and your beloved.

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Get the best deal

It is very important to get the best deal out of your wedding photographer, so that you don’t exceed your budget. After you have counted the ceremonies and seen your photographer's work, you should negotiate to get the best deal. Also, talk about the hidden costs like taxes, travel expenses, additional equipment costs, etc. beforehand.

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Good quality digital photos

Given the obsession with social media platforms these days, if you are a tech-savvy couple, then you too might want to share your D-day photographs with your friends, and the entire world. So, it is important that your photographer provides you with good quality digital pictures as well, which you can share on your social media profile. Here is an interesting platform that helps you to display your digital photographs, along with special effects and music.

Slidely, displays your photos and videos in a creative way. Take a look at this:

Indian Wedding Inspiration by Slidely Slideshow

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Special inputs

Let your photographer know well in advance, if there are some special events that you would like to get covered. Also make sure that your photographer clicks some interesting candid photographs of you, your partner and your relatives and friends. All these special images can make wedding memories interesting and entertaining. 

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So, what are you waiting for? If you or your loved ones are ready to tie the knot then use these tips to select the best wedding photographer. You are now set to capture those beautiful and precious memories.

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