Here Is A Quick Guide To Choose The Perfect Colours For Your Wedding


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Here Is A Quick Guide To Choose The Perfect Colours For Your Wedding

Choosing your wedding colours early is important as this sets the tone of your wedding. Every other aspect of your wedding decoration would be based on the colour you choose. In order to have your wedding well-coordinated, it is imperative that the decorations conform well to a theme. The choice of colours is one of the most important decisions to get all your wedding decorations right. Although you can choose the colours you like, do take into account the venue of your marriage as well as whether you have planned on a grand wedding or an intimate affair.

Your personal preferences, inclination for having a simple or complex colour theme, and the budget are the determining factors for your choice of wedding colours. Here are a few things that would help you to select perfect colours for your special occasion.

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#1. Your favourite colours

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You would surely want to have your favourite colour for the wedding day. But make sure that this colour can be tastefully incorporated in the decorations and other aspects. You need to find the right hues and then combine it with the complementary backdrop of shades. Also remember that this is a decision that both, the bride and the groom need to make together. The bride's partiality to one colour might not go down too well with the groom. So, to avoid confrontations, decide on a shade that you and your sweetheart like.

#2. Psychology of colours

Every colour has something special and different to convey. Like, red is a colour that creates a warm and passionate mood while yellow is a welcoming and cheerful colour, and green symbolises calm and balance. So, colour psychology can also help you to finalise a colour, and shades to complement it.

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#3. Your favourite flowers

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You can incorporate the colours of your favourite flowers into your wedding scheme, by either making it the predominant shade or as an accent. If you feel strongly for yellow roses, then use it as a accent with another dominating colour like aquamarine. Or, if you are biased towards orchids, then let purple or its shades be the colour of your special day.

#4. Consider the season

A very simple way to decide the colours for your wedding is to let Mother Nature be your guide. We don't mean that you should stick to brown or orange during autumn or pastel colours during summer. You just have to ensure that the wedding colours that you choose complement the season with variations of shades. For example, in autumn, colours such as gold, maroon, amber and russet can be complimented with orange, red and brown. If you are having a winter wedding then combine blue with teal.

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#5. The setting of your venue

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Take a close look at the venue you have shortlisted. Does it have any strong colours that you would not be able to rework or camouflage on the day of the function? This would help you to decide on the colour scheme as well. If the venue already has any strong colours (wall colour, drapery or pillars), then don't select shades that will make your wedding look like a carnival (until and unless, that is the theme you are going for!). If you have decided to have a particular colour theme and do not want to compromise on it, then get this sorted out early lest you miss out either on a good venue or your favourite colours.

#6. Different themes for different functions

Indian weddings are not a day's affair. All the celebrations and ceremonies are spread over 2-3 days, to say the least. It will be a good decision to have more than one colour in mind, to assign one for each day. Think, what if you chose red and gold as your wedding colours and then leave the colours of the sangeet on your decorator, who ends up picking orange and gold for it? Now, we are sure you wouldn't want the colour scheme of one ceremony to overshadow the other. So, while planning the colours, chose a different combination or shade for each day. Also, make sure you discuss this colour scheme with all the wedding vendors.

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#7. Get the right mix

A wedding colour palette normally has up to five colours. You can have as many as you want, but the main idea behind having colours should not be just to have them. The theme should not be such a mismatch that it creates an impression of too many disjointed themes. Do not use the exact colours on each and every piece of decoration as that can become overwhelming. Use the shades judiciously to get appealing variations. Like, if you are going with purple as your colour, then keep aside wine as a shade for napkins, and keep the lavender for your stage backdrop, and use some fresh orchids as the flowers for the decor. 

#8. Go bright and bold

It is your wedding day, whatever you decide and select will definitely be the best as long as you are confident about it and love it. This means, even if you want to go big with bright and bold colours then do so. Try whatever you want. Make test patches of different shades and place them with one another, and if your heart speaks for them, then those are your wedding colours. Also, what if you like pink and your partner likes yellow? Or, what if you feel to going for subtle orchids and your would-be wants to go with bright lilies? Just like you and your partner are different but still make a great team, even your different colour choices will surely match perfectly if you make tasteful decisions on how to use them.

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So, what are you waiting for? Use these tips to select colours for your wedding. Once you have shortlisted the colours and combinations, you can go ahead and start planning the decor, drapes, flowers, dresses, and everything else that follows. © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.