While Many Point Fingers At Hina, BF Rocky Defends Her And Calls Arshi The Black Spot Of 'Bigg Boss'


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While Many Point Fingers At Hina, BF Rocky Defends Her And Calls Arshi The Black Spot Of 'Bigg Boss'

Bigg Boss is always in the headlines for the controversial statements taken by the celebs, and the love-hate relationships created among everyone inside the house. This season is no different than any other.

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Not only the celebs who are in the house making news, but also for some their supporters outside the house are taking the stand for them and for some they are questioning their strategy in the house. Our favourite bahu of television Akshara has been surrounded by many controversies since she entered this reality show. We are talking about Hina Khan, who is one of the topics of discussion for everyone who watches Bigg Boss.

Hina Khan Bigg Boss

Hina's alleged boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal has always proven to be a strong support for Hina outside the house. He always takes stand for her whenever she is being speculated wrong by the inmates and audience. In an interview with SpotboyE, Rocky talked about everything going on in the Bigg Boss house.

Hina Khan and Rocky Jaiswal

When Hina commented on Arshi Khan saying “Bahar kapde phaad ke kaam milega”, Gauahar Khan slammed her with a Tweet.

Hina Khan Bigg Boss

When he was asked if Hina should have made such statement or not, Rocky said:

“First of all, who called Miss Gauahar Khan for her comments? And what Hina said was after a long sequence of Arshi instigating her and commenting on her. Hina responded on a factual thing from the house. Housemates earlier were seen discussing how Arshi tears her own clothes everyday. And I want to sincerely ask Miss Gauahar Khan: Does she not see how and what that same woman Arshi speaks about Hina- her face, her body, her clothes, her career, her parents and what not! She objectifies everything about Hina. Hina calls a spade a spade within the parameters of her dignity and class- and she will not be bullied no matter what Miss Gauahar Khan may expect from her.”

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Arshi Khan Bigg Boss

About Hina's 'bulging' comments on South heroines for which many actresses slammed her, Rocky said:

“Hina was sharing her personal experiences. In the same footage, Hina has mentioned that she missed doing what could have been a great movie and she respects their way of shooting and it’s very entertaining. Everyone these days is ready to jump on the running train (social media). Hina had no intention to upset anyone’s sentiments, how can she when she herself wants to do projects in the South? It’s just that the offers she got they told her they wanted chubby actresses, that’s it!”

Hina Khan Bigg Boss

On Hina taking a dig at Dhinchak Pooja and getting into altercations with Vikas Gupta, and if it might hamper her image, Rocky defended:

“Again, she did not take a dig at anyone other than her housemates in the BIgg Boss house. And please, let’s call her Pooja. Hina understands talent and she doesn’t compare Cringe Pop with professional singing. She has still been very accommodating towards Pooja all along. And altercations with Vikas were both ways. In this house, there will obviously be differences and misunderstandings, we have seen Vikas talking behind Hina’s back- about how she’s playing the game, getting physical with inmates, trying to run away from the house but no one asks Vikas if it will affect his image or career. Just because Hina played a character that was designed as an over-the-top ideal woman doesn’t mean Hina is that very person in real life. And not only Hina but nobody's image/career will be affected by things that happen in the Bigg Boss house--- otherwise so many celebrities would not agree to do this show every year.”

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Hina Khan and Rocky Jaiswal

On being asked if Hina is following the right strategy in the show by giving enough entertainment and performing tasks well, Rocky asserted:

“Absolutely, in real life we all talk about people around us, some of us do it more interestingly. Hina is uniquely entertaining with her PJs and one-liners, which are already popular inside and outside the house as well. Hina will never abuse or target anyone personally. She will not keep quiet too if you rub her the wrong way. She takes a strong stand for herself and others without thinking about the consequences. She is one of the most good-looking girls in the house. What else do you want, she’s the whole package!”

Hina Khan and Rocky Jaiswal

Rocky also shared who he thinks is Hina’s toughest competitor is and who should leave the house immediately:

“I don’t think at this stage we can point out any single competitor, but I think Vikas is the smartest player in the house so he may become the direct competitor one day. Arshi, the Black Spot of Big Boss Season 11, should be thrown out of the house. She is filthy, abusive--- and the list is long. When a fight breaks out with anyone in the house, she enjoys it and even if her friend is involved in it, she instigates them. It’s pathetic to watch her in the house. Oh. and one more thing: She is not entertaining at all.”

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Hina Khan Bigg Boss

Rocky revealed his favourite contestant from the house:

“Other than Hina, it will have to be Hiten Tejwani and Priyank Sharma.”

Hina has been left teary-eyed several times on the show and this is the advice Rocky wants to give her:

“All I can say is, that the battle is still only half way through. And as usual, she has to take care of herself. She shouldn’t get emotional from betrayal by a friend or abusive language. But think of it, it’s easier said than done though I am sure. To be able to gain her strength back after every mishap, it’s important that she vents out her sorrow and that’s exactly what’s she’s been doing! When she went inside, in fact it was I who had told her that she can express herself in every emotion on the camera and it will reach me, and it does! I wish her all the success and hope she will do good as always.”

Rocky also posted a picture and a video of the two in support of her girlfriend on his official Instagram page. Here's the picture:

Hina Khan and Rocky Jaiswal

And the caption is:

“Thank you to all who are appreciating @realhinakhan but a bigger thank you to all who are doing what they always do #spreadhate. Some appreciators are feeling bad because of what people are saying. To them I say that guys the entire point of doing #BIGBOSS was to be as real as u can be and for Hina that has always been the case. She doesn’t know diplomacy and she doesn’t have any ‘Filters’ to cushion her words but she will never stoop to the level of some people who are in the house or were however I also say that people who have such attributes are often more popular. The house has moments where right and wrong appear as we fit, according to our allegiances and not as how they really are!"

It further stated:

"So don’t hate people who are commenting on Hina after watching some video because they are just giving their views on what they have seen, had they shown Arshi n others abusing n irritating for an entire week continuously in one chunk of a video I am sure the comments would be a little different. Remember social media gives u the platform to speak your mind but most jump to conclusions just as they come across an effect of something and happily forget what caused it in the first place. We luv her .. u may hate her ... but u God damn won’t be able to ignore her! Lastly, Allegiances will shift, change of heart will happen, there will be fights and there will be friendships inside the house just like the world outside but you’re welcome to judge and use some of your free time hoping someone will notice U just coz u were able to scratch a shining car while it was parked, m sure u know what I mean !!”

Take a look at the video that he posted:


A post shared by Rocky Jaiswal (@rockyj1) on


With the caption:

"I miss her and Of course it’s difficult to see her going through such heart-wrenching moments but that’s what makes her a human being. @realhinakhan being what she is never said that someone else is jealous of her or insecure because of her popularity, even when she was showered abuses and cornered she fought back but never abused. She never tried to escape the house. She doesn’t let go any tasks n gives her best which usually becomes the top standard in the house. She never shy’s away from standing for what’s right just because she’s a celeb or is a target.

It further read:

"Some #hinahaters r supporting insane people, actors who were banned by their own association, people who want to strip on YouTube if Pakistan wins, people who r getting physical n acting to be in a relationship just to stay longer. HOW? HOW can u be so blind? Last year commoners were actually entertaining but this year it’s pathetic! If u like Cringe so much , so be it! But don’t throw shit to genuine people. At least keep a difference between the inhuman people inside who represent us commoners and outside."

It stated:

"She’s so strong that the ones chanting her name with abuses n filth will not even be seen if they don’t do it ! Just imagine these psychos if they do not have someone as strong as Hina to fight with, right u can’t even imagine them coz they will be invisible. N btw even if they all stay inside the #Bigboss11 house for 5 years consecutively they will not be able to match the ‘Footage’ Hina has already gotten, she doesn’t need it but can’t say the same for you’ll! We will not stand down! We will always be with Hina! She’s not perfect but whatever She Is, it’s the best the house has Got! #hinahaters Now do what u always do n try to catch up coz ur way behind the truth."

From going all the way to Spain when Hina was homesick while shooting for Khatron Ke Khiladi to taking a stand for her when controversies surround her in the Bigg Boss house, Rocky has always been a strong support for Hina. Hina is very lucky to have such a doting boyfriend. We wish Hina all the best for the show. Stay tuned with us for more updates from the Bigg Boss house.

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