Here Is What Future Holds For Bollywood Heartthrobs Deepika Padukone And Ranveer Singh


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Here Is What Future Holds For Bollywood Heartthrobs Deepika Padukone And Ranveer Singh

The last year has been a great blessing for both Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh as both have given many hits like Bajirao Mastani, Piku, and so on, and their relationship has only blossomed more. It’s hard to deny that this couple sizzles both on-screen and off-screen and is one of the favourite couples of Bollywood this year!

The cutesy couple has neither accepted nor denied that they are dating each other. But, we can’t get over their PDA at various events. Let us see what tarot cards say about the future of this bright couple in the years to come!

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I have divided the relationship spread into three parts: Personal Relationship, Effect of Relationship on Career and Long-Term Goals.

#1. Personal relationship of the couple

Personal Relationship of this couple is only going to strengthen this year.

Ranveer’s Cards:

Ranveer’s cards suggest a leap of faith. I see only good times in the coming year, even a marriage proposal can happen.

Deepika’s Cards:

Deepika’s card suggests that she is lost in her fairytale, away from the reality. She might have some inhibitions regarding the relationship which she is not ready to face at the moment. But she will soon accept her relationship.

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#2.Effect of relationship on career

Positive shifts in the couple’s career, post relationship. Both will gain success at the box office.

Ranveer’s Cards:

Since the beginning of his relationship with Deepika, Ranveer has only gotten new projects and new movies and a lot of popularity, and he will continue to do so, even in the near future. She is his lucky charm!

Deepika’s Cards:

Deepika is a strong-headed woman and with her aura herself, she attracts a lot of publicity and projects. Her career will reach its peak in near future and she will be a superstar globally.  

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#3. Long-term goals

The long-term goals in terms of marriage may involve a bit of delay, but it will bring better career prospects.

Ranveer’s Cards:

Ranveer Card’s suggest that he might take a break from acting and may go into production or some other line. He will find success in whatever he will do.  

Deepika’s Cards:

Deepika will remain a leading actress in new future also. She will be totally committed to her work. She might even delay any prospects of marriage to cater to her career first. She will always be more inclined towards her profession.

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While this is what our tarot cards tell about what holds in the future for this couple, we only wish this happy couple the best of luck! Deepika and Ranveer, please show your sizzling chemistry on silver screen once again, we are eagerly waiting!


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