Here Is How You Can Throw A Celebrity Like House Party In Your New House After Marriage


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Here Is How You Can Throw A Celebrity Like House Party In Your New House After Marriage

When you get married and move to a new house, one that you set up together and make it into a home of your dreams, you want to invite your near and dear ones home to not only show off your hard work in setting it up, but also to spend some quality time together. And especially if you are in a nuclear family set-up, living without the joint family, you want to host awesome kickass parties for your friends.

But, why be ordinary in doing that? So, we get you cool tips to make your house party the talk of the town by adding certain elements into it to transform an otherwise simple house party into a celebrity Page 3 type of partayyy!

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#1. Spread the news

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If you want it Bollywood style, you need to create some buzz. Start talking about the party to your friends well in advance. Don’t disclose the details but just let everyone know that something grand awaits them.

#2. Let there be some mystery to the guest list

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Don’t invite everyone you know, just your closest friends. Let others wonder why they weren’t invited or what was so special about the party. Keep it personal and keep it lavish. Invite less and spend more!

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#3. Call a photographer

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Since you will be busy hosting, get a good photographer to click awesome shots throughout the party! This is how you can make jaws drop on social media when you post the pictures later.

#4. Use social media

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That’s how you make everyone jealous along with wanting to be a part of your party the next time around. Post a status like – just 2 more days to go! And that’s all you need.

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#5. Dress to kill

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It is your party, you need to look the best. Even after the party is over, your look should be such that it keeps you amongst people’s conversations for days to come. Looking ravishing is what good party hosts always do!

#6. Introduce everyone in the party to each other

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Not everyone must be familiar with each other as one has different social circles. Introduce everyone so that your party is not one where there are separate groups of people enjoying separately. You need everyone to let their hair down together.

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#7. Don’t cut down on the food and drinks

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People look forward to going to parties for enjoying some sumptuous and delicious food. If the food is bad, however good the other arrangements might be, your party is a flop. So make sure you book the right caterer, even if you need to spend double.

#8. Call for waiters

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If you keep serving, you will not be good hosts as you won’t be able to attend to everyone. Also, while some guests might get to eat, others might miss out on the snacks because you were too busy to serve. So, leave the serving to the waiters and you concentrate on entertaining your guests.

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#9. Your DJ has to be rock solid

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If the dance numbers are old, slow and boring, what’s the point of the party? The DJ or your list of songs in the playlist should be foot-taping and kickass awesome. How will your party be a hit if you don’t dance the night away?

#10. Don’t drink too much yourselves

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You need to be sober and in your senses. You need to make that sacrifice to keep everything under control at your party and also to make sure that it becomes as big a success as possible.

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#11. Keep the washrooms clean

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Ask your domestic help to keep on cleaning the floor and refilling the toilet rolls. People will obviously use the loo a lot and so they need to be super clean. You don’t want them cribbing behind your back about how dirty the bathrooms were. You can’t let a thing that small ruin the image of your party.

#12. Make some noise

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That is what celebrities do too, party hard all night and make a lot of noise! You can console the angry neighbours the next day with a sweet sorry cake.

#13. Have alternate games

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For people who don’t wish to dance, have a pack of cards and some poker chips ready on a table. Cards, booze, good music, good food and amazing company; that is one combination which can never go wrong!

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So what are you waiting for? Make your guest list and get started with the party arrangements already! And don’t you forget to invite us!

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