Groom Wedding Attire - Style File


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Groom Wedding Attire - Style File

The groom’s wedding attireis just as important as the bride’s wedding dress.  Though the bride in all her regal finery is the cynosure of everybody’s eyes, even the groom is expected to match up and look his best. With designer weddings in vogue, where everything is unique and coordinated, grooms too are getting selective about their wardrobe.

Ethnic Wear

Style comes naturally to most India men and they have the panache and self-assurance to carry Indian wear. There are many ethnic wear options available for Indian groom – from a simple ornate kurta pyjama to a regal bandhgala to a formal sherwani and even a dhoti kurta for more experimental types. Latest trend is to wear bandhgala in nice pastel colours like light pick, mauve, khaki, off white, medium grey etc.

Western Wear

For formal events nothing works best than a three or a two piece suit. Try to coordinate the shirt shade with the suit design and colour. Make sure the combination look stylish and elegant. Ensure that the tie is matching aesthetically. A bow or cravat from yesteryears also works instead to ties. The blazer needs to be matched with trouser and a cut that flatters the physique.

To keep the wedding attire in style check following information will help groom to make his style statement on the wedding day.

Coordinate the wedding attire with bride’s dress - Today’s grooms can co-ordinate their wedding attire with the bride's wedding dress. For instance,the bride and groom candecide to wear the same colour, or they canchoose to have a certain type of embellishment common in both their dresses.

Types of wedding attire -  For Indian grooms, there are numerous clothing choices. One can opt for Sherwani, Jodhpuri suits, Kurta Pajamas, band gala jacket, western suits or tuxedos for different occasions at the wedding. These outfits are available in silk, linen, muslin, terry wool, jute, etc, with fine hand and machine embroidery. The body type and complexion of groom need to be kept in mind while deciding the wedding attire. For example, sherwanis will suit a taller groom better while a not-so-tall groom will look smarter in a Bandh Gala suit.

Ethnic and traditional mix - Between the ethnic dresses like sherwanis and western suits, a groom can take the middle road and wear an Indian western-style suit. For example, a Bandh Gala jacket with trousers and an inner waistcoat in contrast brocade. The other option is to team up a coat with a dhoti. A perfect blend of modernity and traditional wear shines out groom’s personality and style.

Experiment - Contrary to the fact that wedding ensembles are limited to jazzy and ethnic wear, today’s groom is experimental. One should have a mix of corporate, formal, western and ethnic wear; after all wedding are usually followed by rounds of invitations to dinner and lunches.

Comfortable fit - Indian wedding consists of various wedding ceremonies on the wedding day. Groom need to ensure that the wedding attire is comfortable.

Colours - Apart from the traditional off-white shades, groom can opt for other light colors in daytime and darker hues at night, depending on his complexion. © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.