Groom Sings A Heart-Warming Song For His Bride's Entry And Captures The Moment


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Groom Sings A Heart-Warming Song For His Bride's Entry And Captures The Moment

Who doesn’t want to be surprised and made to feel loved at their wedding? More so, when it comes to the pretty bride-to-be. In spite of all the happiness that lies ahead, all she feels are mostly anxiety pangs, butterflies in the stomach and the very thought of leaving her comfort zone, just for the sake of an eternal bond and a lifetime of love. (Do Checkout! The Reason Behind An Indian Bride Throwing Rice During Her 'Vidaai' Is Beautiful Beyond Words)

By the way, we have a question for all the ladies in the house (100% truth required!). Have you ever fantasised about the look on your partner’s face when you walk down the aisle with your favourite entry song playing in the background, as you slowly and gracefully walk towards him? With every camera has its video/photo mode on, every guest has their eyes on you, but your eyes are shyly at your man and his, proudly and lovingly at yours. Yes, that is the very moment, the both of you have waited for so long to come!

Lakshya and Niharika

Also, do you remember something? You had repeatedly reminded the DJ to play Din Shagna Da while you enter. As you are all set for the most glorious and memorable walk of your life, you don't spot the DJ on the stage. Instead, you spot your man, standing on the stage in his groom’s attire and pagdi, and a guitar in his hands, all set to become a self-DJ for your entry! Wake up and pinch yourself for it’s not a dream! This is what exactly happened at ‘Spotlight Award Winner’, and a famous wedding photographer Lakshya and his (now wife) Niharika’s wedding! Checkout the video first, drool for some time and all the details shall be revealed in the later paragraphs to come! (P.S., don’t blink! You will miss the expression on Niharika’s face!)



Lakshya is one of the leading photographers of an acclaimed wedding photography website, Shutterdown Photography. The man who is always behind the lens and is responsible for capturing dreamy moments of many couples, thought of doing something special for his bride, Niharika, on their marriage. He surprised his bride by singing, Ye Tumhari Meri Baatein from the movie Rock On, as she entered the mandap. Shutterdown’s official Instagram page has featured Lakshya’s video with a beautiful caption. It said: “When the man behind the camera appears in the front, and also sings a beautiful song for his bride at her entry! Now that's epic, isn't it? P.s. Guess who's the groom?” (Do Read: Bride Colour-Coordinated Her Outfits With The Dog Who Was Also Her Best Man At Goa Wedding)

Lakshya and Niharika

Niharika posted a screenshot of her priceless expression as she entered the mandap and wrote a short caption which spoke a million words. The caption read, “Bursting with love, laughter and happily ever after”. Lakshya, on the other hand, posted a picture of the adorable couple and wrote a quirky caption to go with the post which said, “Officially Domesticated! #nuttiegetslucky” Isn’t that super-cute? (Recommended Read: Dear Bestie, Here're 7 Important Things You Should Know Before Entering Your 'Sasural')

Lakshya and Niharika

Well, how many of you have already begun dreaming about a potential surprise like this? Do let us know in the comments section below! Meanwhile, we wish the beautiful couple, Lakshya and Niharika, a beautiful future ahead. May you live happily ever after!

Images and video courtesy: Shutterdown, Instagram

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