11 Great Ways To Come Up With The Perfect Wedding Speech


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11 Great Ways To Come Up With The Perfect Wedding Speech

Though a fairly western concept, wedding speeches are becoming very popular now days in Indian weddings as well. It is the most beautiful gesture from the person who is presenting it to the newlyweds. And though it may seem to be a very easy thing to do, it really requires a lot of practice, courage and confidence to speak in a gathering as huge as a wedding.

So, if you to plan on giving a wedding speech for your loved one, we make things simpler for you by getting you 11 simple points you need to keep in mind in order to frame and deliver the best wedding toast ever!

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#1. Keep it short and sweet

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We understand that you are a powerhouse of emotions on your loved one’s wedding. You want them to know every nice thing you feel for them, but you need to remember those long speeches, however touching they might be tend to get boring for others. Plus they have to get on with the function as well. So keep it short, sweet and effective, just to hit the right cords!

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#2. Say things only about the couple

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Don’t include your other friends or family members in the speech. Not only will it lose its purpose but will also become unnecessarily long.

#3. Prepare it in the language you are most comfortable with

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If you don’t have a great command over English, don’t panic. You don’t need to do something that makes you uncomfortable. After all, the idea is to convey your heartfelt feelings to the couple, no matter what language the speech is in!

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#4. Don’t care of what others might think

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At least you had the courage to speak your thought unlike them! You need to worry only about what the couple feels and not anyone else. Be who you are and say what your heart tells you to!

#5. Don’t give out too many personal details

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You don’t want to embarrass the couple in front of so many people by telling their personal secrets, which they told you because they trusted you. You might end up losing their trust and respect forever!

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#6. The speech should come across as a nicely woven story

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To keep all the listeners engaged and into your speech, make it sound like a short story, interesting and captivating. Create drama and suspense, fill in bits of laughter and seal it with lots of romance!

#7. Take some tips from the World Wide Web

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The internet has it all, knows it all! So why not make use of it? Get on the net and look for wedding speeches. Make notes, notice the way of speaking but don’t copy exactly!

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#8. Don’t get vulgar

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It might seem funny to you but you need to remember that there will be people of all ages present in the gathering. Vulgarity will only make you look like a misfit along with making everyone else really uncomfortable!

#9. Make use of phrases and proverbs

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Make sure you add some really meaningful and touching love quotes or proverbs that suit the couple’s story in your speech to leave them speechless!

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#10. Rehearse well but do not read out from a sheet

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There is no shame in rehearsing a speech. After all you want it to be the best surprise for the couple. But make sure that you don’t open a piece of paper and read out from it. That is so not cool!

#11. In the ‘’Raise A Toast’’ to the couple

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And last but not the least; end your lovely speech by raising a toast for the newlyweds along with some beautiful wishes for their new beginning and a beautiful future together.

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Once you are done considering the above points, just decide where you want to give the speech; at the bachelors party, the cocktail or the reception dinner. You can accordingly mould the speech keeping in mind the kind of gathering. So, good luck to you and make sure you rock it!



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