When Govinda Allegedly Got Caught With An Actress In A Hotel, His Wife, Sunita Ahuja Did This To Him

Bollywood legend, Govinda was once allegedly caught with an actress in a hotel room despite being married to his wife, Sunita Ahuja and here's how she had reacted. Find out!


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When Govinda Allegedly Got Caught With An Actress In A Hotel, His Wife, Sunita Ahuja Did This To Him

Over the decades, Indian cinema had witnessed a lot of legendary superstars, who have mesmerised us with their acting skills, dancing skills, dialogue delivery, and physique. However, one actor is still regarded as the king of comedy, a spectacular dancer, an exceptional actor, and is remembered for his colourful costumes.

Yes! We are talking about everyone's favourite and the evergreen superstar, Govinda. It's still hard to name a young actor or the established ones, who can be the heir of his legacy because such is the graph of his success in Bollywood that sometimes it feels like he's merely untouchable.

While on one side, his professional career is something everyone wants to have and dreams of. It is his personal life that everyone wants to avoid, as it's full of ups and downs. The superstar was a constant name in the headlines for his love affairs with many stunning actresses, and some had even made a severe impact on his marital life with his wife, Sunita Ahuja.

Everyone is aware of his madly-in-love affair with his Ilzaam co-star, Neelam Kothari. But not a lot of people are aware of the incident when he was allegedly caught in a hotel room with his Pyaar Deewana Hota Hai co-star, Rani Mukerji.

Bollywood superstar, Govinda was at the pomp of his career and was the leading man of the industry in the late 90s, when he had met young Rani Mukerji on the sets of their first film, Hadh Kar Di Aapne. It was Rani's 10th movie after the success of films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Hello Brother, and Badal and the actress was super-excited to do a movie with superstar, Govinda. The two had bonded well during the film's shooting in abroad locations like Switzerland and the US.

According to various reports, the two had come quite close and had started being in touch after the wrap. Soon, reports of Govinda having an extra-marital affair with Rani had become the talk of the town. But everything had changed into a scandal when a renowned journalist had allegedly caught Govinda with Rani in a hotel's room. The news had broken the headlines and had left actor's wife, Sunita Ahuja shocked to the core of her heart. 

It was a tormenting time for Sunita Ahuja, who was right in the centre of all the questions about her husband, Govinda's extra-marital affair with Rani Mukerji. The media was bringing new details about Rani and Govinda's affair every other day, and that's when a throwback interview of Rani had played the part of fuel in the wildfire in Govinda's marital life.

In the throwback interview, Rani had called Govinda a great 'hamdard' that had become the talk of the town at that time. Her statement could be read as

"The press has always assumed that any heroine who works with Govinda in three or four films is having an affair with him. I am not the first one to be linked with him. I know just one thing that it's difficult to find a nice friend, a hamdard like Govinda."

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After which, Sunita Ahuja had decided to leave Govinda's house and had returned to her parents' home. Time passed by, and Govinda and Sunita had strengthened their relationship to its deepest core. Since then, the two have enjoyed a beautiful marital life and have heaped praises on each other for their constant will and persistence to keep their relationship safe from breaking into pieces.

Govinda and Sunita had their own fair share of ups and downs, but they had managed to keep their married life blissful through one of the most challenging of times. And here they're together setting some serious couple goals for the millenials.

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