Go Green With Eco-friendly Wedding Decorations


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Go Green With Eco-friendly Wedding Decorations

The most important thing that is on the mind of every soon-to-be-married couple is the wedding décor. From mediating on the flowers that will adorn the walls to the draperies for the background and lamps to illuminate the setting, there are a plethora of things which will need attention in order to make your event perfect. But along with all the excitement of the upcoming marital bliss and the opulence of the wedding preparation, how about contributing in a small way towards Mother Earth?

New Trend!

Eco-friendly wedding décor is a la mode these days and more and more couples are taking interest in showing concern for nature by opting for a ‘Green Wedding’. What’s more, it also saves one from splurging on expensive materials that make wedding venues ostentatious. If you too wish to do the same and yet make your wedding, the talk of the town, just take a quick glance at these environment-friendly wedding décor ideas.

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1) Plan it with paper 

If you ask your wedding planner the “in-thing” about the wedding decors, it is surely going to be paper. Being biodegradable and recyclable, paper possesses immense potential to deck up your venue with its myriad designs and hues, not compromising on the quality or the looks of the place.

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  • Do up your wedding wreath in white paper touched with gold hues, adorn the entrances with garlands of tissue paper in light pastel shades.
  • Illuminate the venue with breathtaking paper lanterns and chandeliers instead of wax candles and neon lights. In fact, paper lanterns with its various colour possibilities and trendy styles in rounds, ovals, squares and cylindrical shapes are winning favors of many couples.
  • Complement these lanterns with beautiful red or pink sola flowers, orange leaves or crystal garlands to make your guests go wow.

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2) Spruce it up with scintillating stones

Who thought stones could turn out to be a wedding décor? Well, obviously you will not go on a pebble picking errand from the street down below your house but your wedding planner can certainly arrange for stones in myriad hues.

  • It would be lovely to adorn the sides of the aisles or the road to your mandap with pebbles that gives a kaleidoscopic view.
  • You can use the stones as place holders or as centerpieces in combination with pretty paper flowers to deck up the dining table.

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3) Corks can do magic

If you want to lend your wedding reception venue an archetypal rustic image, cork accouterments can be a great choice.

  • Those who are all in awe about candles and are not contented with paper chandeliers or lanterns can simply go for cork holders.
  • You can also treat your guests to the ambrosial reception gourmet served in bowls and dishes made of cork.
  • You can also grab some cork vases or garlands to adorn some lonely corners.

If you have any trendy eco-friendly ideas to lend to your wedding décor the upcoming year, just have a tete-a-tete with your wedding planner and go about it.

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