5 Brilliant Tips To Help You Get The Best Out Of Your Wedding Planner At No Extra Cost


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5 Brilliant Tips To Help You Get The Best Out Of Your Wedding Planner At No Extra Cost

Remember Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother? She transformed her life completely, turning it into a fairytale. Well, a professional planner will do exactly that for you on your wedding. Yes, during the planning and preparation stages of your wedding, a professional planner is the most important person, as he ensures that everything runs smoothly.

But, wedding planners need freedom and flexibility to perform their best. Even if you have hired them, it does not mean that you have a right to nag or pester them, and drive them crazy with instructions! Why not take a look at some points that you need to keep in mind, so that you can help your wedding planner deliver the best?

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#1. Be realistic with your demands

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We all have dreams about how our weddings should turn out to be. But sometimes, it is necessary to listen to your wedding planner’s advice and reconsider your vision. For instance, a giant ice sculpture is impossible to set up in most Indian cities, especially during the summers. It is just as unreal as is demanding for an indoor campfire. Wedding planners have a lot of experience behind them and can help you have a beautiful ceremony. But, this will be possible only if you do not have too many unrealistic expectations.

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#2. Give space to your wedding planner

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A lot of couples assume that after they have paid the wedding planner’s fees, they own all their time, until the end of the wedding day. Many couples are known to call wedding planners on weekends and sometimes even late in the night, just because they are obsessing over some tiny details that might have slipped their minds before. You need to respect your wedding planner’s space. Remember, this is a full-time profession, and your wedding planner may be in-charge of two or more weddings simultaneously. That is why; you cannot expect them to come for a “quick meeting” whenever you wish. Give them at least a day’s notice, so that they can come prepared with newer ideas or suggestions. This way, you can make them work more efficiently, and give you the best results.

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#3. Stay away from indecisiveness

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Deciding on a theme for your wedding, and then changing your mind halfway through the preparations, is one of the worst things you can do! Not only will your wedding planner have to call up all the hired vendors and cancel all the services (which will cost a bomb!), but will also have to start planning everything from scratch. You should give every decision a lot of thought before you ask your wedding planner to execute it. Your indecisiveness can cost you a lot of time and money. 

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#4. Do not send messages to them every time you have a new thought!

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Sure, it is your wedding and you have big plans and dreams for the day, which might be on your mind 24x7. But, letting your wedding planner know about every new thought you have or every little thing you think about the wedding day, can leave them confused! Also, this is sure to disturb them while they are busy trying to make it perfect for you. The best way to go about this would be to carry a diary with you at all times. Each time you have something in your mind about the wedding, simply note it down in the diary. So, the next time you meet them, you can discuss at length. It will be impossible for your wedding planner to keep a track of multiple messages every day, and they might overlook something in the process.

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#5. Be reachable at all times

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Your wedding planner should not have a hard time trying to get in touch with you. After all, they will need to take all decisions, big and small, only after discussing with you. Make sure that you answer all their calls, and reply to all the messages. If you are busy, just ask them to call back later, or make sure you return the call. They might need your opinion on several things, like deciding on vendors, details of a theme, decorations, catering, etc. If you are not reachable, or if you keep them on hold for days, it might reflect on how your wedding turns out to be.

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Your wedding planner is going to be your rock throughout the planning stages, and will see you through your entire wedding. Value and respect them as well as their decisions, and it will be reciprocated by making all your wedding day dreams come true.



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