Gautam Adani: Secret Game He Plays With Wife, Daily Routine, Nickname, Got Kidnapped, Regrets, More

Here are some interesting unknown facts about famous Indian billionaire industrialist, Gautam Adani's personal and professional lives.


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Gautam Adani: Secret Game He Plays With Wife, Daily Routine, Nickname, Got Kidnapped, Regrets, More

Gautam Shantilal Adani, the world-famous Indian billionaire industrialist, who is also renowned as the founder and chairman of Adani Group is one of the richest people in the world. Gautam Adani’s prominent multinational conglomerate, Adani Group is focused on port development and operations within India.

As per multiple reports, Gautam Adani is the 19th richest person on the planet as of June 2023. The renowned business tycoon reportedly has an estimated net worth of Rs. 62 billion USD. Born on June 24, 1962, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Gautam Adani hails from a Gujarati Jain family.

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If the reports are to be believed, his father, Shantilal Adani and his mother, Shantaben Adani, migrated from the town of Tharad in northern Gujarat. Coming from humble beginnings, his father worked as a small textile merchant. Gautam Adani has seven siblings, and his entrepreneurial journey has propelled him to great heights in the business world.

When Gautam Adani revealed his life’s biggest regret is not completing his education

gautam adani house 400 crores

The billionaire businessman, Gautam Adani, hardly opens up about his personal life in public. However, once in a rare heart-to-heart interview with Rajat Sharma on his show, Aap Ki Adalat, on India TV, the businessman shared a major revelation about his life. When the industrialist was asked about the biggest regret of his life, Gautam Adani admitted that he couldn’t complete his education due to the fact that his family was facing a financial crunch. Thus, in order to support his family, Gautam Adani went to Mumbai. He said:

"I had chosen Engineering as a technical subject. I was good at Math too. But the situations were such that I had to keep my studies on the back burner and I got into the business. I believe education is very important."

gautam adani house

Further in the same interview with Rajat Sharma, Gautam Adani also added that he was unable to choose the path of education, and it was his misfortune. However, despite not getting any education, Gautam Adani managed to build an empire that needed no introduction. When the billionaire was asked about the same, he stated that ‘hard work’ was the only way for him to succeed in life. He stated:

"Education makes a person knowledgeable. I wasn't able to choose that path, and that's my misfortune. I chose another path - hard work and experience. That hard work and experience increased my wisdom."

Gautam Adani on his journey from riding a scooter to owning a jet

gautam adani

Later in his interview, Gautam Adani was asked about his enormous wealth and lifestyle. When the billionaire industrialist was told to open up about his wealthy lifestyle, Gautam revealed that there was a time when he used to travel on a scooter. Sharing how he comes from a humble background, Gautam admitted that he is rooted to the ground because he has travelled in a rickshaw and a bus. He explained:

"Mindset of a person travelling by a scooter, a rickshaw, a bus or be it a jet. Just because I travel by a jet, it doesn't mean I'm not rooted to the ground."

Gautam Adani once got kidnapped, and here’s what happened

gautam adani

In an interview with Rajat Sharma on his show, Aap Ki Adalat, Gautam Adani recalled the time when he was kidnapped. Yes! You read it right. There was a time when the billionaire industrialist was kidnapped, and recalling the same situation, Gautam Adani admitted that he hadn't lost his cool even in such a traumatic situation. The industrialist revealed that he spent a night in kidnappers’ custody but slept well. Sharing his experience, he stated:

"It's not in me to lose my peace over what's not in our control. I was kidnapped and released the next day. I tell you, that I slept well that very night. So, I never feel that pressure."

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When Gautam Adani opened up about being trapped at Taj Group Hotel during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks

When Indian Billionaire, Gautam Adani Was 15 Feet Away From Death During The 26/11 Mumbai Attacks

While having dinner at the Masala Craft restaurant in Taj Group Hotel, Gautam Adani found himself in a life-threatening situation. Just after settling the bill and preparing to leave with the CEO of Dubai Port, they decided to stay back for a coffee to continue their conversation.

When Indian Billionaire, Gautam Adani Was 15 Feet Away From Death During The 26/11 Mumbai Attacks

It was during their extended conversation that the heartbreaking 26/11 Mumbai Attacks occurred around 10 pm. Opening up about the same in his conversation with Rajat Sharma on Aap Ki Adalat, Gautam Adani revealed:

"I remember everything and I saw the terrorists in front of me when they fired their first round. I'm thankful to God, that I've seen two close-to- death experiences. I think it's God's grace that I was saved. The employees of Taj took me to the Chamber from the path behind the kitchen. I was there all night. At around 7 am the commandos came and were aware that many people were trapped there. So, with full protection, the commanders escorted us outside the hotel premises. I got away about 7:30 - 8 am the next day."

Gautam Adani revealed his nickname

In the same conversation, Gautam Adani also got candid about his personal life. When the billionaire was asked about revealing his nickname, Gautam Adani shared that his close friends call him ‘Toofani’.

Gautam Adani on his first meeting with his wife, Preeti Adani

Gautam adani wife priti adani

In the same interview with Rajat Sharma, Gautam Adani also talked about his wife, Preeti Adani. Opening up about their love story, the billionaire revealed the first meeting between him and his wife, Preeti. The doting husband admitted that he was extremely shy during their first meeting and couldn’t even talk properly. He said:

"I'm a very shy person and I'm uneducated and she is a doctor, so naturally there was some mismatch."

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When Gautam Adani revealed the secret game he plays with his wife, Preeti Adani at night

gautam adani wife priti adani

One of the highlights of Gautam Adani’s candid interview with Rajat Sharma on his show, Aap Ki Adalat, was when he opened up about the secret game that he plays with his wife, Preeti Adani at night. The billionaire revealed that he plays the game ‘rummy paplu’ with his wife and admitted that the latter wins most of the time. Revealing his sweet secret, Adani said:

"This is a secret, when I go at night, I play rummy paplu game with Preeti. I play 8-10 games, and most of the time she wins."

gautam adani wife priti adani son karan wife

Gautam Adani continues to dominate both the domestic and international markets by leading the operations at Adani Group. While we all know he’s an exceptional businessman, what are your thoughts about him as a person? Let us know.

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