10 Gorgeous 'Gajra' Hairstyles To Dazzle At Your Bestie's Wedding


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10 Gorgeous 'Gajra' Hairstyles To Dazzle At Your Bestie's Wedding

Indian women have always proudly adorned their hair with beautiful and fragrant gajras. They provide us with a magical touch! They can make even a simple hairstyle look gorgeous.

If your best friend is getting married anytime soon and you are still stuck on how to carry your hair, have a look at some of these gajra inspired hairstyles and you will be sorted.

#1. The messy sun

gajra hairstyles

Wearing a gajra in a circle around a simple bun is a time tested hairstyle. It looks absolutely gorgeous. This way of putting on a gajra can never go out of style. Give your hair more depth by creating layers in your front hair.

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#2. On the fleck

gajra hairstyles

Show off just a little bit of that enchanting gajra with this side pin-up hairstyle. Just pin-up your hair at one side and instead of your regular accessory, decorate it with a small bunch of gajra. A little look of it will make everyone go crazy.

#3. Gajra web

gajra hairstyle sonam kapoor

Go bold with your gajra with this super chic gajra hairstyle. Make a simple bun and create a web of gajra around it. It will give your hairstyle a depth of its own kind. You can choose the height of the bun and flaunt your gajra!

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#4. Tilted on one side

Asin gajra hairstyle

Encircle your bun with gajras in a way that they look more prominent on one side than the other. By doing so you will be able to show off your gajra even without rotating your head. This hairstyle looks amazing with sarees.

#5. Half moon

sonam kapoor gajra

Complete your look with this half-moon made with beautiful gajras. This hairdo works well with traditional and semi-traditional attires. This half-moon will make your bun look classic.

#6. Deconstructed gajra

sonam kapoor gajra

There is no rule that you cannot deconstruct a gajra to make it look even prettier. Just take all the flowers and place them in the formation of your choice. You can add or decrease the number of the flowers as per your wish.

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#7. Twists and turns

gajra hairstyles

For the girls who are more into the contemporary style, this gajra hairstyle is the best bet. You can make any kind of braid and then let the gajra twine around it. This way the gajra wouldn’t overshadow your look but only add some beauty to it.

#8. Flower clip

gajra hairstyle

Say goodbye to those old hair clips with beads and stones and try this gajra hair clip instead. Just curl up your hair and using strings of gajras tie them. This type of hairdo is brilliant for the girls blessed with thick hair.

#9. Colourful bliss

gajra hairstyle

Who said that the gajra has to be white? Play around with it by introducing colours of your choice. You can add flowers with colours matching with your dress or set a contrast by introducing different colours. Be creative.

#10. Just a tuck

Deepika Padukone / Chennai Express

Image Courtesy: Chennai Express

This is one of the easiest and most adorable ways to don a gajra. Make a simple half updo that suits your dress. You can play with your hairstyle as much as you want to. You can have curls, bangs or even gipsy braids. Once you have settled on your hairstyle, tuck the gajra in it. Let is flow and spread its charm.

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We are sure that you too are blown by these beautiful gajra inspired hairstyles. Whether at the top or free flowing on the side, a gajra adds an old world charm to the entire look and every eye looks at it with awe. So, out of all these, which gajra style is your favourite?

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