Fun Bridal Shower Games You Can Arrange For A Naughty Night With Your Gal Pals


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Fun Bridal Shower Games You Can Arrange For A Naughty Night With Your Gal Pals

Though a fairly western and new concept, a bridal shower is one of the most anticipated, fun-filled and entertaining event for a bride and her friends before her wedding. Even the bachelorette party comes after that! It is an event where the bride-to-be gets to spend some quality time with her close friends and be pampered by them. So to make this even more memorable, here are some fun games you can to add to your party games list!

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#1. Guess what is in there

party favours

Image Courtesy: Nikkie Tutorials

Take a big bag and put all sorts of naughty things in it like handcuffs, a pack of condoms, some cosmetic items, etc. Blindfold all the participants and ask them to put their hands in the bag to take out one article. Then, they get a few seconds to guess the item. It will be a fun-filled laugh riot to listen to all the wild guesses made by the participants!

#2. The wedding movies guessing game

queen movie

Image Courtesy: Queen

Make two teams and think of a wedding-themed movie. Now, give this name to one member of the opposite team for her to enact it through actions to her team members. If they are able to guess it, they score a point. This entertaining game is a perfect blend of Bollywood and shaadis!

#3. Grill the bride with mom-in-law questions

monster inlaw

Image Courtesy: Monster-in-Law

Find out some facts about your friend’s mom-in-law to-be beforehand. Now, make the bride sit on the hot seat and ask her questions about the same. See how much she knows, what all she should be happy about and what she should fear! The expressions on her face will be totally worth the effort!

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#4. How well does she know her man

karan bipasha

Image Courtesy: Instagram (@bipashabasu)

Although, this game is not anything new, we assure you that it is the most exciting one! Ask the would-be bride questions about her groom’s favourite books, cuisines, movies, his hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. You can add in some naughty questions too; like the brand of underwear he usually wears, or what lingerie style he likes best on her, etc. It will definitely be fun for all present there to see the questions being fired at her!

#5. Dress up a guest as a bride, using tissue paper

tissuepaper game

Image Courtesy: Whimsical Weddings and Elegant Events

This is a very interesting game; one that all the guests can participate in. You have to dress up a guest or two as a bride. Well, that is not the interesting part. You have to use nothing but tissue papers to dress them up! Yes, just THAT! Now you know why we said it is an exciting game.

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#6. Find the odd (untrue) story out

bridal shower

Image Courtesy: Gala Kuzyakova Photography

Ask every guest present there to tell everyone two really funny or embarrassing stories of herself and the bride. Let everyone decide which story is true and which one is made up.

#7. Put your imagination into action

bridal shower indian

Image Courtesy: Gala Kuzyakova Photography

Ask the bride to say one sentence about how she and her guy met. Then, ask each guest to add one line to the story. Let everyone’s imagination run wild, romantic, wicked, and naughty; whatever they wish; make it one hell of a story! And trust us, your friend and all the guests will never forget it in their lives!

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#8. Mimicry


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Make each guest mimic either of the four- the bride, her groom, her mother-in-law or her father-in-law. Give them dialogues to say and make this the funniest part of the shower!

#9. The naughty lingerie game

Image Courtesy: One Stop Party Ideas

Now this is fun and gives the bride a completely new lingerie wardrobe. Get guests to gift the bride a piece of lingerie. Ask them to describe why they thought that particular piece would suit her personality and how they think the bride could use it to impress her would-be husband.

#10. How well do you know the couple

wedding couple

Image Courtesy: My Wedding Decarations

Give the bride a break now and concentrate on the guests instead. Make a list of questions about the couple beforehand, where they met, their favourite eating joints, who proposed to whom, etc. Now, ask each guest some questions and get to know who knows the couple best. Give the winner a cute gift to make it memorable!

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So, now that you are all set to have a blast, get started with the preparations and throw the most memorable bridal shower ever!


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