Fun And Fantastic Props Couples Can Add To Their Pre-wedding Shoot


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Fun And Fantastic Props Couples Can Add To Their Pre-wedding Shoot

With Indian weddings growing lavish season by season, pre-wedding photo shoots have become as integral and essential for couples as photographs from any wedding ceremony. What’s more? Couples are now willing to go an extra mile to make their pre-wedding shoot fun, creative, unique, and all the more memorable.

Well, apart from shortlisting a perfect location, selecting the most stylish attires, and hiring the best photographer, you can also think about adding a distinctive touch to your pre-wedding shoot with some fun props. Here are a few such exciting props that can take your pre-wedding photos a notch above the rest. If you too are about to get hitched or know someone who is, then forward this list to them, so that they too can make their pre-wedding shots stand out.

Engagement rings

Photograph of the couple’s hands with the engagement rings or the wedding bands makes a great shot to be added in the wedding album. These rings are synonymous of the couple’s vow of eternal love. And, its photos in the album, would always remind them of their bond and commitment.

Image Courtesy: Arjun Kartha Photography

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There are about hundreds of different ways in which engagement rings can be used in your per-wedding photos.

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

From the classic pose of showing the ring to the camera directly to the more interesting shot of the couple hiding behind a tree where their hands meet in front making just the rings visible, there are so many ways you can use the rings.

Image Courtesy: Faizan Patel Photography

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

Image Courtesy: Faizan Patel Photography

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Bubbles are another great prop, which can be incorporated in any pre-wedding shoot. Bubbles add a fun and romantic element to the entire shoot.

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

Bubbles are also highly versatile and blend well with any kind of backdrop or light settings. And, they can add a dreamy-effect to your photos while looking innocent and simple.

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

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Funny captions

Add a little fun and quirky element in your pre-wedding photos by incorporating few funny captions. These captions can be printed on either large cue cards or hand written on small chalkboards.

Image Courtesy: Faizan Patel Photography

Creating fun moments during the photo shoot not only help to add great pictures in the album, but also give the couple lots of fun memories to cherish.

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Image Courtesy: Busy Bee Photography

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

After all, picture say a thousand words, so wont it be fun to add a couple more to them?

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Vintage ride

To add a little more character to your pre-wedding photos you can try incorporating a vintage scooter or cycle in your shoot.

Image Courtesy: Faizan Patel Photography (left); Mahima Bhatia Photography (right)

Well, if scooter, bike and cycle, don’t look too tempting, then how about a tricycle to excite the innocent child lurking in your hearts. Or, best of all, go for a ride in an auto rickshaw or a cycle rickshaw to make your photos really stand out.

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Image Courtesy: Arjun Kartha Photography

Adding vintage elements to the photos give them an extra depth and make the pictures stand out from the regular ones.

Image Courtesy: Tanweer Alam Photography

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Balloons are not just for kids. These colourful delights are a great way to add more vibrancy in any pre-wedding photo.

Image Courtesy: DKreate Photography

Balloons have a unique charm and when used correctly can make any picture lively. Just like engagement rings, there are so many different, creative ways you can use balloons too.

Image Courtesy: Arjun Kartha Photography (left); Sakshi Parikh Photography (right)

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Over-sized glasses

Fun is the main element in any pre-wedding photograph. The quirky over-sized glasses are the best and the easiest way to bring out the fun side of the couple.

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

Colourful glasses and hilarious poses are a sure shot recipe for some enjoyable and memorable pre-wedding photos.

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Scrabble letters

Make scrabble letters a part of your “save the dates” photos, or to spell out your names, or just to express love for each other.

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

These pictures are simple to take but speak volumes when taken with correct light settings.

Image Courtesy: Sakshi Parikh Photography

Image Courtesy: DKreate Photography

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Flowers are fresh, flowers are romantic, and flowers should be must for an Indian couple’s photo, we feel! They too are one of the most versatile props you can use for your pre-wedding shoot.

Image Courtesy: Sakshi Parikh Photography

Image Courtesy: DKreate Photography

There are lots of choices for size, colour or texture. They can easily be adapted whichever way you like.

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Image Courtesy: Faizan Patel Photography

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For an Indian wedding photo shoot, what can get most stunningly versatile and romantic than a dupatta?

Image Courtesy: Arjun Kartha Photography

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Let it become your wings as you fly in love, or let it be your personal space that hides the two of you from everyone else, get creative and crazy with a dupatta.

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

Image Courtesy: Anshum M Photography

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Photo frames

A picture in a picture adds a unique character to the album. Get a shot with the couple holding the frame together to add an interesting touch to their pre-wedding shoot. This can also be used for "Save the Date" send-outs as well.

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

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From balloons and flowers to placards and picnic basket, you can add more than one element/prop to your pre-wedding shoot, just like this couple!

Image Courtesy: DKreate Photography

So, what are you waiting for? Add these 'fun'tastic props to your pre-wedding photo shoot and make it stand above the rest. Also, you can mail us your interesting pre-wedding photo shoot images, and we will shortlist the best and add them on the Real Wedding Moments page!

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