From Olive Oil To Grapeseed Oil: 10 Best Oils For Gaining Nourished And Healthy Hair

Oiling the hair has been a traditional method of haircare. While every hair type requires different care, let us look at some of these oils that provide great nourishment.


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From Olive Oil To Grapeseed Oil: 10 Best Oils For Gaining Nourished And Healthy Hair

Our hair is the most important part of our look and personality. It not only adds to the physical features but also enhances the person's beauty. Each person has a different hair type, and each individual knows the best way to take good care of it.

Speaking of hair care, oiling has been one of the oldest and most trusted methods to lead smooth, naturally nourished and flowing hair. Though many of us might not have liked to put oil on our hair way back in childhood, changing times in adulthood, have taught us its value seemingly so. With this in mind, let us look at these 10 best oils that can be used for healthy hair.

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#1. Coconut oil


Coconut contains a natural fat, a beneficial ingredient for curing dryness wherever on the skin's surface. From scalp to nails, coconut oil is designed to provide sheer moisture and nourishment. When applied to hair, coconut oil helps to make it soft, lustrous and healthy from root to tip. It also protects the hair from heat damage and simultaneously repairs it to strength.

#2. Castor oil


Many of us have known castor oil right from our childhood days. A rather thick and viscous oil, it helps to get rid of dandruff by preventing the scalp from being attacked by dandruff-causing bacteria. In addition, it is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, which reduces and treats any chance of scalp inflammation and improves blood circulation.

#3. Lavender oil


More of an essential oil, lavender oil is directly extracted from the flowers and therefore has more direct natural properties. One of the key benefits of lavender oil is that it promotes hair growth right from the follicles. It also controls excessive sebum production on the scalp and has effective anti-microbial properties. Moreover, its mild smell leaves behind a relaxing effect after every massage.

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#4. Olive oil


One of the most renowned ingredients in the kitchen, olive oil is an excellent addition to gaining healthy hair. It has a versatile nature and both protects and moisturises the hair. In addition, it helps to retain the natural keratin content of the hair and results in a long-lasting smooth hair texture. For best results, extra-virgin olive oil serves the best purpose of locking moisture in the hair and nourishing it.

#5. Almond oil


Containing a high percentage of fatty acids and Vitamin E, almond oil is best suited for both skin and hair. It promotes the strength of hair strands and helps to prevent undue breakage. It also contains a lot of antioxidant properties that help in quicker hair gain. Consistent use of almond oil can result in a voluminous bounty of hair within less time.

#6. Argan oil


Due to its miraculous benefits, Argan oil has topped the list of essential ingredients in the cosmetic market. Often referred to as liquid gold due to its deep golden colour, it works best to resolve split ends. This minimally processed oil usually prevents hair from getting damaged by harmful ultraviolet rays and excessive heat.

#7. Jojoba oil


Derived and entirely based on plants, the jojoba oil helps maintain the perfect balance of scalp health. It can easily penetrate down to the scalp and nourishes it from within. It has immense healing properties and helps control hair frizz and damage. It also reduces hair fall significantly.

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#8. Onion hair oil


Using onion for hair has been another age-old practice of hair care. Onion is a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and potassium. A key ingredient for a topical haircare regimen, it targets to reduce extensive hair fall and promote healthy hair growth. Due to its light texture, it can easily get absorbed right at the root and scalp level, thereby protecting the hair thoroughly.

#9. Neem oil


The neem plant is famously known for its anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. And interestingly so, humans  have been benefiting from its magical properties since a long time. There is absolutely nothing ill about the neem plant and its by-products. The neem oil specifically eliminates the bacterial and fungal growth that often occurs at the hair's root level.

#10. Grapeseed oil


Like its name, grapeseed oil is naturally derived from grapes and can be directly utilised at the source. It primarily moisturises the scalp, which becomes the key issue in damaged hair. It promotes hair growth by strengthening its very structure. It eliminates hair problems such as weak hair strands, leading to breakage.

Well, we hope you have learnt about the outstanding benefits of these oils for your hair. Let us know.

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