From Dutch Braid Ponytail To Messy Mermaid Braids: Trendy Bridal Hairdo Spotted On Brides

Put a single veil on your head, or double 'dupatta', hairstyles are very important for a bride. Here are a few hairdo inspirations for your big wedding day!


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From Dutch Braid Ponytail To Messy Mermaid Braids: Trendy Bridal Hairdo Spotted On Brides

On a wedding day, a bride holds the centre of attraction. And to perfect the look for her big day, a bride has to go through a lot of stress. From figuring out the ideal ensemble to picking out the coordinating jewellery to fixing an ace makeup artist, a bride-to-be has to do it all. Atop of it, if her hair betrays on the D-day, then it becomes a total disaster.

There are various alternatives out there, but they might boggle your head around them. So here's a sorted list of the real brides who have styled their hair in different trendy hairstyles, from cascaded waterfall braids to a messy bun on their reception night or floral bun on the wedding to long braids with hair accessories for the day events. So, without any further ado, let's get into the options for you.

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#1. Loose curls with accessory


Get ready for your engagement party with a simple yet elegant hairstyle. This real bride, Aashna Shah, had opted for this basic side-parted puffed-up open hair in loose, soft curls and had made it look extraordinary by adding a stone-studded hair accessory. This hairstyle can never go out of trend and also won't take much of your time.

#2. Dutch braid ponytail


You have seen dutch braids a lot of times but, have you ever spotted a dutch braid along with a ponytail on a bride? Well, here's a real bride, Ruchika Jain looking absolutely gorgeous in a pink three-piece suit, including a sleeveless top, a palazzo pant, and full sleeve jacket, who had chosen a dutch braid ponytail hairdo for her mehendi ceremony. The hairstylist had opted for her crown area to braid the hair in a dutch style and had pulled the rest in a ponytail, adding a leafy accessory.

#3. Floral petal braided half-bun


A perfect hairstyle for your mehendi event will be this floral petal braided half-bun, spotted on this real bride. By joining two braids from the crown area and spiralling in a half-bun, this hairdo is hassle-free and looks very pretty from the backside. Keep the rest of the hair in loose curls and add a few floral accessories.

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#4. Half-bun with cascaded waterfall braids


This waterfall braided hairstyle was spotted on the real bride, Anisha Agarwal. Here's how you can get the look, join two braids from either side of the crown area and pull it in a half-bun that looks like a rose and let two or more braids fall over the shoulder, along with your soft curled tresses. Add a series of floral and butterfly accessories to complete it.

#5. Long braid with original flowers


A traditional hair-braid never goes out of trend. This hairstyle was spotted on a real bride, Akshata Poojary who experimented with golden accessories on her wedding day. Braid your hair and add a generous amount of gajra, or you can pair it up with a golden long trail accessory for the braid to make it stand out.

#6. Cascading waterfall braids


For a romantic evening of your life, on your mehendi, you can opt for a cascading waterfall braid, just like this real bride, Nidhi Sakaria. Every bride wants to look dreamy on her big day, and this beautiful and twisty, side-parted cascading waterfall braid is a perfect pick. You can add a few beads and pearls or bunch of flowers as an accessory to it.

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#7. Mermaid braid


How many braids are too many braids for you? Here's a real bride flaunting innumerous plaited braids, forming a mermaid tail. For your wedding day events, keep your shoulder free of tresses and pull it in this mermaid braid. Add dainty flowers and beads to the braid and complete the style.

#8. Messy french fishtail


Add a little more drama to your sangeet ceremony look with a messy french fishtail hairdo. This twisty, messy, braided look will enhance your whole attire with its volume and carves. Look at this real bride whose hair looks elevated with this hairstyle by just adding a few pearls.

#9. Boho fuss-free bun


Don't like floral buns? Check out this real bride, Joban Sandhu's fuss-free look for her reception night. Opt for this beautiful, bohemian three-folded bun that will go best with the lehenga. Add a few golden beads or floral motifs or absolutely nothing to this updo.

#10. Bejewelled braids


Why always go with the flowers? If you want to create a royal look, here's one for you. This real bride, Yashika Glaad, had looked absolutely ethereal in a classic flattened braid and decorated it with pearl and golden jewels, giving a regal vibe. All eyes were stuck on this bride's unique hairdo.

Let us know in the comments which hairstyle did you like the most.

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