5 Signs That You Are A Free-Spirited Modern Anti-Bride


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5 Signs That You Are A Free-Spirited Modern Anti-Bride

How about meeting an unusual gutsy bride, whose idea of her big day is ‘take it easy’? She wants a wedding that is not a one-size-fits all type of a celebration. This bride shows lots of courage to have a one-of-a-kind wedding for herself.

We are talking about an anti-bride, who wishes for a wedding minus the past rules and traditions. She might not wear a nath as expected by the elderly, and her hands might not be adorned with mehendi until her shoulders, and she will definitely not fall prey to the rat race. She would rather celebrate the true meaning of her marriage expressing her individual style and preferences. The anti-bride will not give in to meaningless traditions, will know how to look fierce and be herself!

So, let us see what else this bride will do to give her wedding her very own signature.

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#1. Beyond routine

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She is not a slave to the old traditions, and goes ahead to revamp them. It is not that she is hostile, but would definitely not go along with a ritual unless she knows it is a progressive one. Making attempts at a fresher and updated way is what occupies her quirky mind. Things that are not crucial as per her views are shunned away.

Rejecting red and maroon, and wearing the ghoonghat are not a big deal either. The traditional marriage is not what she fancies. It is about having her day her way, which in true sense is the gateway to her happy married life. She is an offbeat bride who will hold the hands of the groom, and dance the night away.

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#2. DIY bride

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Times have changed and many women are skipping the ready-made elaborate wedding, and moving towards a custom-made one. There are no set protocols for the attire, hairstyle or make-up. She adds her own ideas to everything to turn it into something innovative and creative.

A red lipstick, a careless hairdo, lighter clothes, and jewellery might or might not be there on her list. But ornaments, outward appearances, and over-the-top makeup are not the only things she cares about. There is a shift where apart from being a gutsy bride she is also an advisor, guide, and the manager of her own wedding. From the invitation card, to the menu, décor, and honeymoon planning; she gives it all her own touch.

#3. Smart and sensible

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She is stylish and savvy, but practical enough to make no fuss about her big day. Her inspiration comes from movies, social media and weeks of research online. This organised woman is also against the bizarre fancy traps and the hoopla of the big fat wedding. She dumps the expensive options and looks for the alternatives.

Heavy-budget clothes, or jewellery is a strict ‘no-no’ here. She would rather go in for a lehenga she designed herself and get the local tailor to make it. She is definitely not shelling out Rs. 80,000 on a designer piece. This level-headed lady does not give in to the season’s trends. A simple off-the-rack outfit with some story behind it would be okay with her.

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#4. Eco-chic

The bold bride may also have a penchant for a smaller budget and saving the environment. She will be economical and nature-friendly when it comes to picking her outfits or invitation cards. She selects the trends that suit her and her family’s budget. Just a click and there goes her paperless wedding invitations. She is modest as well as upfront who utilizes the digital world to its fullest. She would remain fashionable making green the new white.

By choosing green as her décor theme, she proves a point. She would love to dispense off the remaining food of her wedding or reception to the poor children instead of letting it go to waste.

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#5. A quirky touch is a must

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Being reality-driven and with an eye on a different approach, she puts her own stamp on the celebration. For example, there is a change in wedding photography, and not saving the wedding attires forever are few of the uncommon trends that the brides are embracing.

The rules are flouted by putting the wedding attire on rent/sale; a concept gaining a footing in India among the newlyweds. Or, going for an outfit that can be worn on various other occasions. However as per the old mindset, the wedding saree or lehenga is a treasured keepsake.

Another rule-breaking idea erupting in her anti-mind is dismissing the traditional old-favourite shots of rituals and extended families and having them replaced with individual laughter and emotion-rich shots.

#6. Less is more for her

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She accepts differing opinions with a smile, but is pretty sure not to dwell on them. For instance, she is not ready to continue with the norm of heavily-clad or bejewelled brides.

Rather than having heavy stones and embellishments on her dress, she would prefer a colour play for a style statement. This bride leaves no stone unturned to break away from the mould. Even loud makeup and jewellery takes a backseat. The idea of having everything heavy on the special day is totally chucked off by this bride. She knows she will look like a goddess either way.

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So isn’t it fantastic to meet this anti-bride who encourages you and empowers you to have your own voice and vision for your D-day? Your wedding could be as much fun and amusing as you have imagined it to be, even when you ditch the traditional ways. What you need is a creative approach, a mind of your own, and a know-how on what is important and what has not, to plan your big day accordingly.

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