18 Most Important Things Every Indian Bride Must Keep In Mind While Shopping For Her Wedding Outfit


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18 Most Important Things Every Indian Bride Must Keep In Mind While Shopping For Her Wedding Outfit

Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting aspects of the entire wedding preparation process for any bride is to find the perfect dress for herself. However, the process of selecting the perfect outfit is not always as fun and easy as it might seem. If you are not careful, you run the risk of making costly mistakes. On the other hand, by keeping certain things in mind, you can minimise your chances of blunders.

So, to save all our pretty soon-to-be brides from making any mistakes, here are some things that they should keep in mind while shopping for their wedding outfit.

#1. Do not shop with too many people

It is the most important outfit you will ever wear, and you definitely would want to ensure that it is absolutely right. However, having several opinions flying around while shopping can take you far away from what you are looking for. So, it would be best to take your mother along with your closest friend or sister for genuine opinions and a stress-free shopping experience.

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#2. Do not shop too early

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Clothing trends keep on changing quickly in this era of ‘fast fashion’. And, by buying your outfit quite too early, you stand a risk of that dress getting outdated by the time your wedding day arrives. Just keep in mind that your outfit would take a month or two to get stitched, finished and handed over to you. So, plan accordingly to avoid yourself from wearing an outdated design on your big day.

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#3. Do your homework well

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Before you go out in the market to find the best wedding outfit for yourself, make sure you check some latest trends online. And, not just styles and colours, also check for their prices at different shops and make a list. This list will help you to check if you are getting a good deal or not when you will actually go out to buy your bridal outfit.

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#4. Do keep your fiancé in mind

Agreed, he might not have a fair idea of the bridal fashion. But, you can ask him a few things like, the colours he would prefer to see you wearing, whether he likes those heavily embellished outfits or he prefers the subtle ones, etc. You can even show him a few styles online to get an idea whether he would like what you are planning to buy or not. After all, keeping his likes and dislikes in mind while selecting your wedding outfit is a great idea. Don’t you agree?

#5. Know your budget

It would be a great help if you decide your budget before you start shopping. At the showroom, make sure to inform the staff about the budget, so that they can show you only the outfits that fall within the range. While every girl deserves to dream big, make sure to be realistic about what you can afford, so as to avoid any kind of frustration.

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#6. Avoid places that are out of your budget

While you would be aware of your budget, you will also have a rough idea about the places that will offer you the best thing in that range. So, better go only to the places that suit your budget. You might get tempted by the idea of visiting the expensive showrooms just for the trial. But in case you fall in love with a really expensive one there, then it might get quite difficult for you to be happy with the ones that fall in range.

#7. Avoid trying too many dresses

You may get tempted by the idea of trying all the styles available in the shop. But, if you will try each and every dress, there are high chances that you would end up getting thoroughly confused. Not only will it be a time-wasting process, it will also be very difficult for you to finalise one single outfit. So, make sure that you resist the temptation to save yourself from the frustration of not being able to decide.

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#8. Check the fitting very well

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The wedding dress is usually quite heavy, and a bit difficult to handle too. In addition, you will not just sit in that dress on your wedding day. You will have to bend down to touch feet of the elders, stand for those long haul photo sessions, do different things while following a lot of rituals, and what not! So, it is important that the fit of your dress makes you feel comfortable in all the ways. So, make sure you check that before you finalise one.

#9. Lingerie is important too

Simply because it will make or break your look! An ill-fitted bra will not only make you uncomfortable, but will also spoil the perfect look of your blouse. Things like, straps coming out from the sides, visible seams on the pads, improper size, etc., can totally ruin your otherwise elegant ensemble.

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#10. Do not get tempted by offers and discounts

There is nothing wrong with going for a bargain, but it helps to stay level-headed about the same. It is best to stay away from the lure of online shopping or deep discounts. However, it does not mean that you cannot get an amazing dress at a bargain. But, make sure you examine the dress carefully for any tear or damage before you buy it. What looks like a great deal should not cost you a fortune as you try to fix it.

#11. Always try the dupatta

bridal lehenga

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These days, a lot of brides opt for the ‘double dupatta’ style for their lehenga. One drapes over their shoulders, and the other one goes over their head. Well, if you too plan to go for this style, then it is very important to try both the dupattas along with your lehenga. This will give you a better idea of whether both of them go well with each other or not. Even if you go for the dress with just one dupatta, do drape it on your head to see if it is looking good on you.

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#12. Do not settle for the first one you see

As they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea. You may absolutely love the first dress you see in the shop, but do not make the mistake of buying it immediately. You never know, the next one you see might look even better! So, just shortlist your options and after seeing all, make your decision.

#13. Click pictures of the one you finalise

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Most of the shops would not allow you to click pictures of the outfits to protect their designs from being copied. But, once you buy the outfit, they will surely allow you to do so. And, doing this will be beneficial for you in two ways. Firstly, it will be easier for you to shop for the matching jewellery and accessories. Secondly, when your outfit finally comes from the showroom, you can cross-check whether you have got the one with same detailing that you had selected or is it a bit different.

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 #14. Keep your wedding venue in mind

If you are going to have a closed and air-conditioned wedding venue, then you can afford to wear a heavily embellished and layered outfit. But, if it is an outdoor wedding, then select your dress keeping the weather in mind.

#15. Keep the footwear in mind

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While you might not have bought the footwear that you would wear on your wedding till now, you will still be having a rough idea of how high heels would you go for. So, do not forget to keep a pair of similar heels in your bag. This will help you to check during the trial, whether the combination of the dress you selected and the heels that you will wear, is comfortable or not.

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#16. Keep yourself properly hydrated

Shopping sprees can be exhausting. Concentrating too much on only the shopping, and not your stomach can make you unwell. So, keep something to eat and drink so that you are properly hydrated and remain in a happy and cheerful mood!

#17. Do not go for trials during your periods

During periods, your stomach area gets a little bloated, and the entire body also feels a little heavy. Hence, giving measurements during this time is not a good idea. Also, the mood swings can simply add to the frustration that you will have while undergoing the hectic process of finding the right outfit for yourself.

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#18. Buy the one that makes you feel like a princess

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And finally, if it gives you the feeling of being no less than a beautiful princess, just go for it. After all, it is your day and your wedding outfit is something that should totally make you feel special!

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As daunting as this task of selecting the perfect bridal outfit might sound, you can actually have an amazing time doing it by following these simple tips. So ladies, do not forget to keep these in mind as you go out to find the perfect dress for the most special day of your life.

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