Former Miss India And Already A Mother, Froze Eggs At 41, Is Pregnant With Twins At 44


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Former Miss India And Already A Mother, Froze Eggs At 41, Is Pregnant With Twins At 44

The year 2017 has been lucky for many of our beloved celebs from the television industry and Bollywood fraternity as we are seeing the arrival of many of these celebs little versions. In the year 2016, this model-actress was one of them to embrace motherhood at an age of 42 by frozen egg technique.

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Diana Hayden Baby Girl

This year has been lucky for Diana Hayden too as she again has good news in her kitty. As she froze eggs three years ago, the former Miss World is pregnant again and this time with twins. This is truly a moment of double happiness.

Diana Hayden Baby Girl

The 44-year-old model has changed the concept of pregnancy and frozen egg technique came as a lucky charm for this actress. Her pregnancies truly prove that infertility techniques have improved tremendously and one shouldn’t worry about conceiving, breaking the conventional way too.

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Diana Hayden Baby Girl

In January 2016, Diana was pregnant with the same technique and gave birth to a cute baby girl with the help of Dr Nandita Palshetkar, an infertility specialist. Read More.

Diana Hayden

When asked about her current pregnancy, this is what Dr Nandita Phalshetkar said:

"Her pregnancies prove how infertility techniques have improved over the years.”

Diana Hayden  Pregnant With Twins

In a report to The TOI, Diana expressed her feelings about her pregnancy and said:

"IVF doctors are God’s angels to help couples who have any form of difficulty in conceiving. Me being pregnant with twins is fantastic news. We are looking forward to their birth.”

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Diana Hayden  Pregnant With Twins

Talking about the change in technique in the freezing of the eggs, Mumbai’s doctor Phalshetkar and Dr Rishikesh Pai who have been treating Miss India said:

“Freezing of the eggs was a challenge until a decade ago, but new technology made it easy.”

Diana Hayden Baby Girl

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Dr Pai also added and said:

“They either don’t want to marry or haven’t met the right person. Moreover, we now have over 90% success in thawing eggs and between 30 and 40% pregnancy rate.”

When Diana was 40, she was in love with an American married man Collin Dick. The happiness of the couple went through a rough phase when they came to know that Diana was fighting against a womb’s disease known as Endometriosis. It is a painful condition in which the inner lining of the uterus or endometrium starts growing outside as well. Women suffering from endometriosis usually do not yield good quality eggs and it was the result of this diagnosis that Diana decided to freeze her eggs for test tube babies.

All thanks to the medical technology for showing double happiness on Diana. And, we cannot miss to thank her for taking this bold step again to give birth to two little bundles of joys. We wish the actress a healthy pregnancy period. Stay tuned with us to know more about how Diana is going ahead with the pregnancy, the cravings and a lot more.

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