5 Awesome Fitness Tips From Ranbir Kapoor That Can Get You A Drool-Worthy Body Like Him


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5 Awesome Fitness Tips From Ranbir Kapoor That Can Get You A Drool-Worthy Body Like Him

Guys, how many of your girlfriends sighed in delight when Ranbir Kapoor came on screen in a towel in his debut movie, Saawariya? Did your heart skip a beat remembering his washboard abs too? Well, one of the most versatile actors of Bollywood, Ranbir not only focuses on enhancing his acting skills on a regular basis, but also his physique. Despite his tight schedule, he manages to maintain a body of a Greek god. With the help of his fitness trainer, Pradeep Bhatia, Ranbir makes sure he follows these awesome fitness tips daily.

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#1. Maintain your diet

fitness tips from ranbir kapoor

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Ranbir follows this mantra to the T. His breakfast consists of a banana or egg white with brown bread, milk with cornflakes, and fresh juice. For lunch, he takes tandoori chicken, dal with two chapatis (made from wheat, jwar and bajra) and bowl of curd. All his dishes are cooked using only three tablespoons of olive oil. For snacks, he prefers fresh juice or green tea. And for dinner, he likes to have grilled fish, chicken or salmon.

fitnes tips from ranbir kapoor

Twice a day, Ranbir stocks up on multi-vitamins as well as protein shakes, once post-workout and once after dinner.

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#2. Never miss your workout 

Never miss your Workout

Ranbir’s workout starts with a five to ten minute warm up session, followed by crunches and pull-ups. He then goes on to work on his biceps, triceps, chest, back and shoulders. He also focuses strongly on his legs and abs. Although he is unable to work out regularly because of his hectic work schedules, whenever he is in town, he makes sure to hit the gym five times a week.

fitness tips from ranbir kapoor

Image Courtesy: Pradeep Bhatia

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#3. Drink lots of water

fitness tips ranbir kapoor

Water has the ability to detox your body and keep you going throughout the day. Ranbir believes in keeping himself constantly hydrated. He makes sure to always carry a bottle of water wherever he goes, and consumes at least five litres of water daily.

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#4. Play a sport or practise martial arts

Fitness Tips From Ranbir Kapoor

Image Courtesy: Indian Express

His hectic travel shoots keep him from going to the gym daily, which is why he prefers to play sports. Being a huge football fan, Ranbir plays it quite often. He also practises kickboxing amongst other things. The Tamasha star is deeply passionate about sports and blends it with his workout. 

fitness tips ranbir kapoor

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#5. Give your body time to recover

fitness tips from ranbir kapoor

Bollywood’s chocolate boy knows when to stop. As important as it is to exercise, Ranbir believes it is also important to rest and let your body recover. He balances out his workouts and resting time quite well. The Rockstar gives his body enough time to recover from the intense workouts and hectic shoots.

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fitness tips from ranbir kapoor

Well, if you thought Ranbir was naturally so hot, you were definitely mistaken. This Saawariya religiously follows these five fitness tips to stay in shape over which a million girls drool. So, go ahead and tone your physique with the secrets of this most-loved Bollywood star.

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