Fertility And Getting Pregnant According To Astrology


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Fertility And Getting Pregnant According To Astrology

Having a family is an integral part of married life. But there can be problems with fertility and infertility with every married couple. Most of us take the process of conception for granted but problems can arise at any time. If you are planning to conceive immediately after your marriage, here are a few things astrology can do to help you out.

Expert guidance- The exact guidance you want will depend on the astrology guidance that you believe in. For example, Vedic astrology believes in jewelry that will enhance your health and help you to conceive faster. Most astrologers will suggest time periods and months of the year that are ideal for conceiving according to your date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth. You will also be suggested jewelry that you have to wear next to your skin to get the best effects. Solstice practioners however suggest that the best way for the woman to conceive is for the woman to attempt conception during the same period that she was born. But the solar alignment should be exactly the same. Moon enthusiasts believe that the woman should attempt conception when the moon alignment and phases are exactly the same as during her birth.  The methods are different with each astrological process but you should follow the instructions that are provided to the letter.

Calendars and tips- There are several websites that will chart your astrological life and tell you when you can probably conceive. You can also use reiki, vastu and feng shui to increase your chances of conception. For example, feng shui indicates that having furniture or storage areas in the southwest corner of your home or bedroom will clog up your energy and delay your chances of conception. But essential tips that will help you include-
          • Conception rates are higher 10-20 days before menstruation
          • When the moon is located above the horizon
          • When the moon and the Venus is transiting during the sun signs and
          • When the moon is transiting through Jupiter. 

No matter what kind of astrological process you choose, remember to chart your health and your diet carefully to increase your chances of conception. 



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