10 Fashion Rules Every Plus-Sized Girl Must Break


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10 Fashion Rules Every Plus-Sized Girl Must Break

Every plus-size girl is bound with a set of rules that the fashion-society has imposed on her. You know what we are talking about, ‘do not wear that’, ‘do not try this’, ‘stay away from those prints’, and some other lines just like these. So often, these rules make them resort to the ‘baggy jeans and T-shirt’ syndrome, and fashion takes a backseat. Well ladies, times have changed, and for the better! The new-age plus-sized women do not feel the need to hide their curves, or tuck their bulges in layers of clothing, just to please the probing eyes of the fashion-society. They flaunt their curves in style, are happy with their bodies, and are confident of their beauty.

We have seen plus-sized bikini models, and a healthy figure being celebrated. They do not wake up feeling bad about their body or try to get to their society-set ‘goal-size’. Toss the conventional rules out the window and put on your sassy stilettos, as we are going to tell all about the fashion rules a plus-size girl must break!

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#1. Stick to vertical stripes

Image Courtesy: Jay Miranda (Left) and Girl With Curves (Right)

This is one of the most well-known rules for the plus-sized girls. Over the years, curvy women have tossed this rule out of the window. Horizontal stripes have made it to their closet, and they look super-sexy!!

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#2. Go for baggy clothes only

Image Courtesy: Nadia Aboulhosn (Left) and Gabi Fresh (Right)

Wearing ill-fitted clothes, in any size, will only make a plus-sized woman look out of shape. The best clothes to wear are the ones that perfectly fall on the body and accentuate your curves. When you are proud of how you look, why not show it off?

#3. Stick to 'all black'

Image Courtesy: Fuller Figure Fuller Bust (Left) and Weesha's World (Right)

What are we doing? Mourning our bodies? Wearing all-black does look powerful, especially with bright and metallic accents. But, your size should never confine you to wear only black all the time! Go for bright colours ladies, and celebrate your life, your size and your style!

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#4. Stay away from big prints

Image Courtesy: Danielle Vanier (Left) and A Curious Fancy (Right)

Ladies, can we just ignore this rule? Who does not love pretty prints? No need to miss out on the print party. Just look how these ladies rock fabulous prints and get inspired.

#5. Swimwear cannot be sexy

Image Courtesy: Ashley Graham via Instagram (Left) and Denise Bidot Facebook Page (Right)

We have seen some of the best bikini models and they are plus-sized! There is no excuse not to be in your swimwear at the beach. Join the club and take a dip. Enjoy your vacation at the beach! You look gorgeous, when you feel gorgeous!

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#6. Avoid crop tops

Image Courtesy: Nadia Aboulhosn (Left) and Gabi Fresh (Right)

We all definitely love this style, don’t we? Do not get left behind on experimenting with this fun trend just because the fashion dictats say no. You do not need flat washboard abs to look stunning in crop tops!

#7. Forget about mixing prints

Image Courtesy: My Curves and Curls (Left) and Gabi Fresh (Right)

This is one style dreaded by many! But, do you think you can experiment with this trend only if you are skinny? We are all fashion divas and we love experimenting! All the plus-sized women out there- go show the world how it is done!

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#8. Mini skirts and shorts are not for you

Image Courtesy: Candice Huffine via Instagram (Left) and Asos Curve (Right)

We all have thighs! And, in summer months we show them! Voluptuous women look sassy in shorts and minis. Look at these plus-size models and get inspired.

#9. Peplum will look like tents

Image Courtesy: Weesha's World (Left) and Girl With Curves (Right)

Peplum tops not only provide curves to skinny girls, they accentuate the curves in plus-sized women beautifully! Ladies, this awesome trend is a must-try!

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#10. Dark bottoms theory

Image Courtesy: Candice Huffine via Instagram (Left) and From The Corners Of The Curve (Right)

Oh! We have heard this rule a zillion times, over and over again! Wear a light coloured top and a dark bottom to make your lower body look slimmer! Let us remove this one out of the fashion rulebooks forever. What say ladies?

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Hope you enjoy breaking these fashion rules as much as we did while writing about all of them. Let us know in the comments section which rules you would love to break.

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