5 Coolest Wedding Invitations Ideas For Couples Who Are Getting Married Soon


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5 Coolest Wedding Invitations Ideas For Couples Who Are Getting Married Soon

What do you do when you have to pick out an invitation for your wedding? You visit a wedding card shop and browse through shelves stacked with colourful invitations. And then, you shortlist designs and successfully pick one. You get super-excited! As you pay for the invitation, you see another couple who have finalised the exact same design. AAUGH! All your excitement DROPS! [Read: 10 Wedding Invitation Card Mistakes Every Couple Should Avoid]

Template invites with nothing but clichéd words, dates, and venue information are not in vogue anymore. Couples want their invites to be unique. It should reflect their personality, and capture memorable events that brought them together. This is where 'creative invitations' come into the picture. These are created just for the couples to shout out their story through ingenious designs.

With all this said, designing a unique card can be tricky. Here are a few fun ideas to create an invitation card that will make you smile even after years.

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#1. Say your story

Tell your story about meeting for the first time at your workplace or in a coffee shop. Pour out your love-at-first-sight scenes. Get all those special moments in your invitation card.

cool wedding invites

#2. Show your personality

Are you and your partner two different people? Do you like outdoor adventures, but your partner likes to stay indoors and read a book instead? Are you a musician and is your partner an ardent fan of yours? Highlight those cute personality traits that brought you two together.

cool wedding invites

cool wedding invites

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#3. Express your common interests

What are the common interests that you and your partner share? Design your card as a movie poster or a movie ticket if you guys are movie buffs. Do you spend a lot of time playing board games or poker? Let your card take on a game theme.

cool wedding invites

unique wedding invites

#4. Add quirkiness

Do your guests live abroad? Invite them with a boarding pass-themed invite. Or even better, create a Skype-themed card to invite them virtually for your wedding. Your guests will feel personally invited and all the more excited to attend your wedding.

quirky wedding invites

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#5. Show your traditions

Show your love for wedding traditions like dressing up, kashi yatra, garland exchange or stealing shoes. Pick the best and show it on your wedding card.

quirky wedding invites

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Bringing 'uniqueness' to your wedding does not just stop with invitations. Key elements from your wedding invitation designs can be applied as a wedding theme; beginning from entry booths, stage backdrops, bridesmaid and groomsmen costumes, wedding gifts, and much more. Are you ready to get creative and original?

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